The Story Behind the Scans

One Couple’s Remarkable Experience in Radiology

DeAnna and Frank Bucceri

DeAnna Bucceri and her husband, Frank, were diagnosed with cancer six months apart – and an alert Radiology Department at University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center, a campus of UH Regional Hospitals caught both tumors. Remarkably, both the husband and wife came to the hospital for completely different issues. In late January, DeAnna visited a urologist for what she suspected were bladder problems and was referred for a computed tomography (CT) scan. The radiologist found a mass that turned out to be stage I uterine cancer.

“I felt so blessed that they had spotted it,” DeAnna, 58, wrote in a thank you to the Radiology Department. “I would never have realized I had it.”

Less than six months later, DeAnna’s husband, Frank, was stricken by a heart attack. Rushed to the Emergency Department at UH Richmond Medical Center, the 62-year-old was diagnosed and then transferred to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for a cardiac catheterization and stenting of a blocked artery. The procedure was a success. But before Frank’s release, his cardiologist delivered the news – the Radiology Department at UH Richmond Medical Center found a mass on his lung. Frank is currently undergoing treatment from University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center.

“I wanted to let you know how grateful we both are that your staff picked up on both of our cancers when doing the CT scans for other things!” DeAnna wrote in an August letter to Mead.

Incidental findings can change the course of a patient’s care. Mead credits radiologists Lindsey Wilson, MD and Chandra Batchu, MD for their careful review of the Bucceris’ scans. This “very rare and interesting” case is a perfect example of coordinated care, Mead says. To the Highland Heights couple, it is just an example of the perfectly wonderful community hospital that they have come to count on for their care.

“We always loved (UH) Richmond,” DeAnna told Mead. “Your staff in Radiology is so nice – in fact, everyone at Richmond always is. I tell people I want to go to ‘the happy hospital.’ Keep up the great job!”

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