Child Passenger Safety Technician Training

Training Course Offers Certification in Child Passenger Safety

Child Passenger Safety Technician Training

As home to the regional experts in child passenger safety, the Rainbow Injury Prevention Center holds classes throughout the year to train new child passenger safety technicians in a nationally certified curriculum. This four day, 32-hour course follows a curriculum developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and provides participants with a mixture of classroom work and hands-on practice with different car seats and seat belt systems. Those who pass the course will become nationally certified CPS technicians and will be able to assist others in proper car seat installation and education. Most participants are police, fire, public health, and health care personnel, helping to ensure families can get help with car seat installation and child passenger safety questions in their own communities.

We also offer a refresher class each year to provide certified technicians from throughout the region with continuing education and hands-on practice to help keep their skills and knowledge up to date.

For more information or to learn the dates and locations of upcoming child passenger safety technician training or refresher courses, call 216-983-1110.

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