Urologic Surgery

Minimally Invasive Solutions for Cancer and Kidney Stone Treatment

Urologic Surgery

At University Hospitals Parma Medical Center, kidney stones and prostate cancer can now be treated with less invasive surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery with Minimal Incisions

Laparoscopy is surgery performed through several tiny keyhole incisions. A laparoscope is inserted through one incision to view the inside of the abdomen and surgical instruments are inserted through the other incisions.

Minimally Invasive Treatment Options for Cancer and Reconstruction Surgeries

Utilizing laparoscopic or robot-assisted surgery, UH Parma Medical Center surgeons can effectively treat cancers that occur in the kidney, ureter, adrenal gland and prostate. In addition, laparoscopic or robot-assisted surgery can often be used for more intricate dissection or reconstruction surgery for the kidney, ureter and bladder.

Stone Removal with Minimally Invasive Options

Minimally invasive surgery works well for stone removal using:

  • Shock wave lithotripsy to break up stones formed in the kidney and ureter
  • Ureteroscopy, where a very thin instrument is utilized to identify and remove stones from the kidney and ureter
  • Percutaneous nephrolithotomy, where a stone is located and removed with a nephroscope through the patient’s back

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