Christine’s Story

Christine Katic

Christine Katic

Self-proclaimed computer geek Christine Katic says anything she can do on the computer makes her life easier, including all of the features of her MyUHCare Personal Health Record (PHR).

“I like the ability to look up my labs the most. There are certain things now because I have a staph infection that I keep track of. I am able to graph the results. I thought that was cool. It does all kinds of neat things,” Christine said. “I have used it a lot after being discharged from the hospital. I have gone back and read the discharge notes.”

Christine has used her PHR to refill prescriptions and schedule appointments with two of her doctors at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center.

Christine has noticed several updates to the PHR that have made it more user friendly in the two years since she first enrolled: “I noticed with the labs that if they are too high or too low you can hover over the bar and find out what the normal range is.”

Christine also finds that some of the things the doctor is testing for may be unfamiliar, but the PHR gives information about the tests.

“It gives a real good explanation,” she said. “If you don’t know what a TSH is, you will understand and be able to say, ‘Oh, that’s what he is checking for.’”

Overall, Christine thinks the PHR is wonderful thing: “It makes you a participant in your health care. You pretty much know as much as your doctor does about your health care. It’s better than having to call the doctor’s office.”

You can sign up for a MyUHCare Personal Health Record account online or at your provider’s office.

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