University Hospitals Breast Health Center Professionals Are Mammogram Experts

3D Mammography -- Seeing is believing

3D Mammography –
seeing is believing.

The mammography team at UH Breast Health Center works exclusively with patients undergoing screening or diagnostic mammograms. Because our radiologists have had specialized training in breast imaging, they are especially adept at detecting disease. We are also the first healthcare provider in northeast Ohio to offer tomosynthesis, or advanced 3D imaging, for the earliest detection of breast cancer.

UH Breast Health Center has been recognized by the American College of Radiology for meeting extensive accreditation requirements and promoting excellent practice standards. University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland (now home to University Hospitals Breen Breast Health Pavilion) and University Hospitals Chagrin Highlands Health Center, have each received the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence award. Along with these two facilities, we also offer mammography services at many of our other Northeast Ohio locations.

3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis)

UH Breast Health Center is the first northeast Ohio health care provider to offer tomosynthesis, a new type of mammography that uses advanced three-dimensional imaging to detect breast cancer. The state-of-the-art technology provides doctors with a clearer, more detailed view of breast tissue, and can lead to easier and earlier detection. Tomosynthesis takes images of the breast from multiple angles and helps radiologists pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities.

The technology is currently used to complement conventional 2D mammography but experts believe that over time it will become the gold standard in breast cancer screening and detection.

Tomosynthesis is currently offered at three locations: Breen Breast Health Pavilion at UH Case Medical Center, UH Chagrin Highlands Health Center and UH Westlake Health Center.

Digital Mammography

UH Breast Health Center team members are experts in digital mammography. In general, digital mammograms are equivalent to traditional film mammograms for diagnosing cancer, but significantly better for three groups of women:

  • Women under age 50 (regardless of breast tissue density)
  • Women with dense breast tissue (about 40 percent of patients)
  • Premenopausal women and perimenopausal women (who had their final menstrual period within 12 months of their mammograms)

The sharper images of the digital mammogram allow for better detection of breast tissue abnormalities.

Baseline Mammogram

A baseline mammogram is recommended for women 40 years old. In agreement with the American Cancer Society (ACS), our physicians recommend annual screening mammograms for women over 40, regardless of risk factors. Over 70 percent of women who develop breast cancer do not have a family history of the disease.

Diagnostic Mammogram

Physicians also utilize diagnostic mammograms to view breast tissue that has changed since the last mammogram or if a patient discovers lumps, nipple discharge or pain in a specific area of the breast.

If a mammogram indicates abnormal breast conditions, more testing is needed.

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Free Mammograms

Breen Breast Health Pavilion hosts monthly free mammography screenings for women from Cuyahoga County with little or no insurance.

Free transportation is provided and appointments are available on designated Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.