Diagnosing Breast Disorders

University Hospitals Breast Health Center Doctors Offer Expert Diagnoses of Breast Disorders

UH Breast Health Center physicians specialize in the diagnoses of breast conditions so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. We offer advanced screening, testing and diagnostic services to help patients who experience breast symptoms, lumps or abnormal screening mammograms. Our physicians provide same day readings for these additional mammograms and other tests which means you will have answers immediately. We will also notify your primary care physician of the status of your tests. Our specialists suggest the following guidelines for screening:

Recommeded Screenings
Age 20-39 40-49 50-75 76+
Breast self-exam Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Clinical breast exam by a doctor Every 3 years Yearly Yearly Yearly
Mammogram Yearly Yearly Based on physician recommendation

If a patient’s self-exam, physical exam from a doctor or mammogram indicates abnormal breast conditions, he or she may need more testing, including:

Following testing, a UH physician may need to perform an aspiration/biopsy to remove fluid and tissue from the breast for further study. An aspiration is an image guided, minimally invasive procedure that is completed on an outpatient basis.

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Free Mammograms

Breen Breast Health Pavilion hosts monthly free mammography screenings for women from Cuyahoga County with little or no insurance.

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