Working Woman's Pregnancy Book

The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book

A new book to help women navigate the challenges of working during pregnancy has been written by Marjorie L. Greenfield, MD. The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book covers pregnancy from preconception planning and infertility issues to the physical and emotional changes of each trimester. Dr Greenfield, an Obstetrics & Gynecology at UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital, tailored the book for first time mothers who are part of a generation of women who are working longer into their pregnancy and returning to work faster than their foremothers.

From pre-conception planning, infertility issues, and the physical and emotional changes of each trimester, to labor and birth, breastfeeding and adjusting to parenthood, this up-to-date guide discusses in a warm and engaging tone all subjects facing new mothers.

Tips for Surviving Pregnancy at Work

De-stress your life:

  • Get organized.
  • Delegate work.
  • Don’t seek stress.
  • Learn to say no to requests that don’t serve your goals.
  • Get enough sleep – or at least rest.
  • Remember to have fun – schedule time for yourself.

Soothe yourself:

  • Schedule daily aerobic exercise into your life.
  • Start to practice the calming techniques you plan to use for labor.
  • Stretch gently at your desk.
  • Listen to music.
  • Slip into a warm bath when you get home.
  • Try yoga classes, or tapes for home use.
  • Knit, play a musical instrument, fill in a crossword puzzle, or do any hobby that takes your full attention.

Dr. Greenfield draws from her experiences as an obstetrician and a working mom, and from more than a hundred interviews with mothers ranging from factory workers to high-powered attorneys, to create a unique resource for working women.

A well-known expert in her field, Dr. Greenfield is also the author of Dr. Spock’s Pregnancy Guide as well as hundreds of articles for the Web.

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