acr-logo-mammogramDigital Mammography – A mammogram is an X-ray examination of the breast that is done to find and diagnose diseases of the breast. At University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center we are excited to provide our patients with Digital Mammography, the latest in breast imaging technology. This uses very low doses of radiation to produce highly detailed pictures that the radiologist can make darker, lighter, and can even magnify areas of the breast which lessens the chance of a patient being called back for additional pictures.

What to Expect

After completing a brief health questionnaire, the technologist will position your breast in the mammography unit. They will then lower the compression paddle until the breast is adequately compressed. Although the compression may be briefly uncomfortable, we are a proud certified Softer Mammogram ProviderSM. We provide our patients with the Mammopad® breast cushion, which is a soft foam pad that creates a cushion between your breast and the mammography machine. This will create a warmer and softer experience for you.

The time from when we call you out of the waiting room to the time your exam is completed will take approximately 20 minutes.

Preparing for Your Exam

  • Schedule your exam at the time of the month when your breasts are the least tender. Typically this is the week after a menstrual period.
  • Bring your physician’s order with you.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment, to check in with the receptionist.
  • Do not wear any lotions, powders, deodorants, or perfumes on the day of your appointment.
  • You will be asked to undress from the waist up. A two-piece outfit may be a comfortable choice for you.
  • Inform the technologist if you are, or think you may be pregnant. Also inform them if you have had any breast implantation.

A screening mammogram is recommended by the American Cancer Society yearly for women over the age of 40. This is used as a preventative test for women without any symptoms of breast disease and normally consists of two pictures for each breast.

A diagnostic mammogram may include additional pictures of areas in question after a screening mammogram. It is also ordered in patients that have any complaints such as breast pain, nipple discharge, or if a patient feels a lump or mass in the breast.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Mammogram exams require you to schedule an appointment. Please call our toll free Patient Call Center at 1-855-884-1858 to schedule an appointment.

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