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At University Hospitals Geneva Medical Center, the objective of the Corporate Health Department is to not only return patients to their productive work and personal lives, but to provide assessments for workplaces to help determine best preventive practices and stop injuries before they can occur.

Just as it is with people—no two businesses are the same. How, then, does the Corporate Health Department make an evaluation of how to help keep the workplace healthy? To accomplish this, at the invitation of employers, visits are made to the actual workplace setting to help assess possible “stressors” that could, over time, lead to repetitive-use injuries. Equipment as well as workplace practices are assessed. Additionally, a working knowledge of Federal and State workplace rules and regulations by the assessor can provide information to help employers to retain (or achieve) compliance in workplace safety areas. Rules and regulations include OSHA guidelines regarding hearing conservation, monitoring for effects of hazardous materials exposure, respirator usage—and a host of additional workplace requirements as stipulated by various levels of government regulations.

Recognizing that workplaces currently are becoming more in tune with wellness and illness-prevention, UH Geneva Medical Center Corporate Health works hand-in-hand with the employers and employees to help keep all of the staff at workplaces healthy, as well as to help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. This is key—as no one comes out ahead in workplace accidents. When an accident occurs, the employee loses valuable work-based income, and the employer is not only short in his workforce, but also is hit a second time financially through worker’s compensation payouts.

The programs in Corporate Health at UH Geneva Medical Center are three-pronged. First is prevention, implemented through assessment and recommendation. The second step is designed to get an injured employee back on his or her feet and safely back to regular work—and regular life—through treatment and rehabilitation. Third is periodic evaluation of workplaces for best ergonomic practices, which has been shown to continually aid in the reduction of workplace injuries.

For questions regarding the UH Geneva Medical Center Corporate Health Department, please call 440-415-0280.

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