Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology at UH Geauga Medical Center Provides the Latest Treatment and Compassionate Care

Radiation oncology services at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center in Chardon, Ohio, provides the latest treatment methods and compassionate, person-centered care.

Radiation oncology is the fundamental method used to cure or manage cancer. At UH Geauga Medical Center, radiation oncology is used to destroy malignant cancer cells and shrink tumor size.

Highly Skilled Radiation Oncologists

Our multidisciplinary team of radiation oncologists guides each patient’s cancer treatment plan. At UH Geauga Medical Center, radiation is a powerful cancer treatment that is meticulously planned and exactly prepared before used on the patient. Devising a state-of-the-art automated process, each radiation treatment is precisely calculated and computerized, depending on the patient’s needs.

Computerized technology has enhanced cancer treatment planning and delivery. Our radiation oncologists can target cancer tissue and avoid the surrounding healthy tissue. In addition, drug therapy or surgery may be combined with radiation treatments at UH Geauga Medical Center.

Patient-Centered Cancer Treatment

At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, radiation oncologists take pride in offering patient-centered cancer treatment. The highly skilled experts, including the board-certified doctors, nurses, social workers and dietitians, are dedicated to achieving the best outcome possible with each patient.

On-Site Radiation Oncology

UH Seidman Cancer Center at UH Geauga Medical Center offers on-site radiation oncology for patients of all ages. In addition, we are committed to treating the whole person -- mind, body and spirit -- as well as educating and supporting the patient’s family.

Conveniently Located

Radiation oncology services are available at UH Geauga Medical Center in Chardon, Ohio.

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