Clear-Cut Policies Ensure Accuracy at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center Laboratory

To provide patients and physicians with precision and accuracy of results, we have clear-cut policies in place. Repeat determinations are routinely performed as part of our ongoing quality assurance program. If the variation between samples exceeds precision criteria, then assays, or investigative procedures, are repeated in duplicate.

For most assays, specimens will be retained for seven days. In the event a test result is questioned, a physician may request a repeat test at no charge by contacting customer service representatives at UH Geauga Medical Center laboratory services.

Request to Phone Report

Test results are called if noted on the requisition. Exceptions to this would be any results exceeding the laboratories critical limits. These critical values are called around the clock as soon as they are obtained and regardless of a request to call. Urgent or STAT test results are auto faxed upon completion.

Opportunity to Process Additional Tests

Additional testing can be arranged if sufficient volume remains after initial tests are completed and specimen stability has not been exceeded for the test requested.

Test Cancellations

Test cancellations received while specimens are in transit will be accepted at no charge. We cannot accept cancellation requests received after test setup. A report and appropriate charges will be issued. To cancel a test request, please simply call our customer service representatives at University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center laboratory services.

Test Rejection Criteria

There are times when a test must be rejected, including:

  • Unlabeled specimen
  • Mislabeled specimen
  • Improperly/incompletely labeled specimen
  • Inadequate or insufficient information on requisition
  • Specimen collected in wrong tube, container or preservative
  • Specimen inappropriately handled with respect to temperature, timing or storage requirements
  • Quantity not sufficient for test requested
  • Specimens submitted in syringes with needles attached
  • Cracked or leaking containers with external contamination
  • Specimens submitted in tissue paper, diaper, foil, plastic wrap or other unacceptable packaging
  • Hemolysis
  • Lipemia

Avoidance of Specimen Rejection

Because of improper collection or in-transit degradation, some samples cannot be analyzed. Doctors are notified the same day of rejected or problem samples.

To avoid specimen rejection, make sure the following conditions are correct:

  • Patient/specimen identification matches with requisition
  • Pertinent patient information is included
  • Accurate specimen type (plasma, serum, whole blood, etc.) and volume
  • Use of proper specimen container (sterile, metal-free, etc.)
  • Accurate temperature (ambient, refrigerated or frozen)
  • Clean catch Urine pH
  • Appropriate transport method
  • Lack of hemolysis

Any specimen submitted in a manner that could create a health or safety hazard to laboratory personnel is considered unacceptable. This includes specimens submitted in syringes with needles attached, cracked or leaking containers and broken slides.

Request Information

For more information about laboratory medicine services, call 440-285-6459.

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