Chuck's Story

Motorcyclist Receives Compassionate, Expert Care At UH Geauga Medical Center Emergency Department

Chuck Paster’s Story

Rome, Ohio resident Chuck Paster was pulling into his driveway on his motorcycle when a pickup truck traveling at 50 MPH hit him from behind.

Paster said the experience was “like being shot out of a cannon.” Among his injuries, Paster suffered a broken fibula, trauma to his ankle and shoulder and road rash.

When EMS asked Paster where he wanted to go, he chose University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center in Chardon, Ohio.

“In the Emergency Department, they treated me like a friend, and they wanted to make sure their friend had outstanding care. I was shaking, so they brought warm blankets. They made me feel comfortable and took the time to explain everything,” Paster said.

Paster was impressed by the professionalism of the entire Emergency Department staff – the doctors, the nurses and the desk assistants – and he knew he was getting the best care possible.

Paster said, “UH Geauga Medical Center is a top-notch facility, with people who are absolutely awesome.”

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