Recommended Screenings
Age 20-39 40-49 50-75 76+
Breast self-exam Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly
Clinical breast exam by a doctor Every 3 years Yearly Yearly Yearly
Mammogram Yearly Yearly Based on physician recommendation


Mammography is an X-ray imaging technique used to examine the breast tissue. Digital mammography, a recent advancement, can take the image and show it on a computer screen instead of on X-ray film. From a patient's perspective the test is essentially the same as having a conventional film mammogram, but allows for improved readability and ease of transfer between physicians and radiologists.

Benefits of Digital Mammograms

  • Speed, there's no longer a need to wait for film images to be developed
  • Images can be viewed instantly by the radiologist
  • Images can be easily transferred electronically with no loss of image quality
  • Computer-assisted optimization helps radiologists detect even smaller problems that might be missed on traditional film mammograms

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