Linda’s Story

Art Teacher is First to Have New Tailored Knee Repair

Self-portrait is a basic exercise Linda Goss teaches students in art class at Geneva High School – look in a mirror and draw yourself. When Goss had knee repair surgery at University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center, her medical team used a similar process and created a mirror-image knee implant from a picture of her anatomic knee.

The implant process began with a CT scan that produced an image, or picture, of Goss’s knee. From the image, a mold was created. The medical team at the Ohio Bone & Joint Institute at University Hospitals Conneaut Medical Center sculpted the implant to create a precision fit for Goss’s anatomy.

Goss was the first patient in Northeast Ohio to have this new repair surgery, known as ConforMIS joint replacement. Modeling the joint implant on the patient’s anatomy helps to optimize the fit and maximize the patient’s function.

William Seeds, MD, medical director of the Ohio Bone & Joint Institute at UH Conneaut Medical Center, was Goss’s orthopedic surgeon. “If we can do a better job of meeting the patient’s true anatomy with the implant, then we are likely doing a better job aligning it,” said Dr. Seeds. “And it is likely going to fit the patient better.”

The surgery to place the implant generally requires a smaller incision than traditional open surgery, which preserves more of the patient’s original bone, results in a quicker recovery, and as Goss was happy to discover, meant very little postoperative pain.

Goss had physical therapy for about a month after the surgery, and said that “every day I can feel there still is progress.”

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