Pre-Transplant Chimerism Analysis

In order to evaluate for the presence of hematopoietic microchimerism in patients at various timepoints subsequent to allogeneic bone marrow transplant (BMT), pre-transplant chimerism analysis must be initiated. Hematopoietic microchimerism will be determined by PCR analysis using a panel of highly-polymorphic short tandem repeat (STR) markers. DNA will be extracted from the recipient’s peripheral blood cells or bone marrow. Pre-transplant donor and recipient DNA samples will be screened to establish an allelic profile for each individual within the context of the STR panel.

Indications for Testing

Bone marrow transplant candidate and donor

One Sample Required from both Donor and Recipient

  • 3-5 mL (children) whole blood (or bone marrow) in purple top EDTA tube
  • 6-8 mL (adults) whole blood (or bone marrow) in purple top EDTA tube

Sample Handling

Sample should be kept cold if possible. Specimens being sent from outside facilities should be packaged according to standard medical safety practices. The specimen should never be frozen.

The specimen should be shipped by overnight priority [scheduled to arrive by Friday AM at the latest]. Use cold pack for overnight transport. Be sure cold pack is not in direct contact with specimen during transport.

Shipping Address

Center for Human Genetics Laboratory
10524 Euclid Ave, Sixth Floor
Cleveland, OH 44106

For local samples, please call the Center for Human Genetics Laboratory (216-983-1134) to arrange for sample pick-up.

Turnaround Time

3-9 days

Cost/CPT Code

Pre-Transplant Chimerism $1006.32 / 81265

Please submit a completed Hematology/Oncology Specimens requisition for each sample

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