Observation Program

Learn More About Careers in Health Care Through the Observation Program

The Observation Program at University Hospitals is an opportunity for individuals who are interested in health care careers to shadow a hospital worker (sponsor) and learn more about the field. Applicants are required to complete an application, online compliance training, adhere to all health screening requirements and show proof of health care coverage. Applicants are permitted to observe for 30 calendar days within a year.

Applicants interested in observing in the OR must be at least 18 years of age. Observation experiences in an operating room are limited to 10 experiences for students under the age of 21 in any one calendar year. To observe in the OR you must also watch our OR video explaining our processes and take the OR quiz. Please turn in your quiz along with your completed application to your Observation Coordinator.

The Healthcare Career Observation Program has been revised

Applications are now being processed through an Observation Coordinator. Please review the list below for an Observation Coordinator processing applications in the area you are interested in. The list is updated weekly. Observation Coordinators have the right to refuse an observation experience if it conflicts with department schedules or no one is available to coordinate the experience. Applications can be obtained from the Observation Coordinators and through the link posted under “Helpful Links”.

If you are University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center employee wanting to observe you do not need to complete this process. Please make arrangements with your manager and sponsor.

Jennifer Abarca Adult Cystic Fibrosis
Ann Adair Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Karen Akrish Nursing OB Only
Tarrika Allen Epilepsy, Neuromuscular, Vascular, N. Critical Care
Linda Baer Dept. of Medicine Hematology
Gina Bayless Dietician
Regina Bentley Transplant
Lisa Berko Outpatient Physical Therapist
Jasmine Boggan Ear, Nose & Throat
Lauren Bokovitz Pediatric Genetics
Margaret Bourguignon  
Jaclyn Buffington Surgical Subspecialty
Patrice Butler OBGYN (Global Health only)
Tedi Byrge Heart Failure
Emily Campana Inpatient Occupational and Physical Therapy
Mary Cerveny Ear, Nose & Throat
James Cicero Outpatient Occupational Therapist
Jillian Cofojohn Proton Therapy
Erica Lynn Coleman Department of Surgery
Samella Crump Pediatric Pulmonary
Stephanie Cummings Family Medicine (CMC & Green Rd. locations only)
Suzanne DeBrosse, MD Center for Human Genetics
Elizabeth Demko Anesthesiology
Lisa DiNardo Plastic Surgery
Melissa Douglas Adult Emergency Department
Brittany Drummer Internal Medicine PA
Takiyah Durham Primary Care Institute – Physician Practices
Chelci Fudge Social Work
Charita Gadson Speech Therapy
John Gallagher Pediatric Respiratory Care
Libby Gill Music Therapy
Erin Rose Glending Pediatric Dental Clinic
Michelle Goldstein Pediatric Physical Therapy
Kara Gorey Physical Therapy (Westlake)
Linda Grose Dental Clinic (PEDS)
Julie Harasty Westlake Surgery Center
Holly Harper Pathology
Ebony Hasan Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
Shawnta Haskin Ear, Nose & Throat (Surgery)
Lois Hengenius Neurosurgery
Gretchen Hollis Radiology
Dildred Houston Emergency Department
Ryan Jastromb Surgical Subspecialty
Jessica Jenkins Outpatient Physical Therapy
Erica Johnson Emergency Department (PEDS)
Aaliyah Jones Primary Care Physician (Cleveland Hts.)
Carlisa Jones Primary Care Physician (Cleveland Hts.)
Milvonna Jones Urology
Emily Kandra Radiology
Kate Kilbane Psychiatry
Dionne King Endocrinology
Mary Ann Klein Surgical Pathology
Noam Lazebnik Obstetrics & Gynecology
Christopher LeVan Outpatient Physical Therapy (Twinsburg)
Corika Lewis Surgical Pathology
Fran Lissemore Neurology Dr. A. Lerner
Angeli Logan-Horhn Cleveland Heights Primary Care Physician
Kim Lonsdale Pediatric Epilepsy
Ashley Love Anesthesiology
Staci Mecuri Prentiss OR Director
Margaret Medford Respiratory Therapy
Anita Medvin Dr. Parry’s office
Siera Moore Seidman Cancer Center Ambulatory
Brenda Myers Radiation Oncology
Kristina Myers Dermatology
Uli Naveen Pediatric Endocrinology
Natalie Niese Medical Surgical
Helen Novotney Pediatric Surgery
Heather Oblinger Human Resources Recruiter
Aditi Parikh Pediatrics Genetics
Vera Paul-Jarrett Special Immunology Unit
Melissa Pece Post Transplant Kidney
Michele Post Neurology
Dee Jhonette Pryor Physician’s office, Dr. Hardacre
Lenore Rallings Pediatric Rheumatology
Katherine Rogala Speech Therapy (Green Rd.)
Shaylinn Romano CICU
Stephanie Romich Outpatient Physical Therapist (Mentor)
Ramy Sabe Pediatric Gastroenterology
Theresa Santoiemmo Emergency Department (PEDS) Nursing only
Nakia Scott Internal Medicine (Solon)
Sharon Scully Internal Medicine (Inpatient Only)
Kathy Shula Pediatric General Surgery
Tameeka Simington Pediatric Respiratory
Andrea Sterkel Audiologist
Christopher Superior Finance
Jillian Sutton Pediatric Orthopedics
Terri Tate Seidman Cancer Center Ambulatory
Marilyn Taylor Ophthalmology
Heather Trent Pediatric Gastroenterology
Marlene Tripp Primary Care Physician (Cleveland Heights)
Nadia Vincenti Finance Dept.
Jodi Von Gundy Pediatric Cardiology
Jill Walker Pediatric Sports Medicine (non-surgical)
Barbara Warstler Credentialing
Laura Weiss Westlake Outpatient Surgery
Deborah West Pediatric CT Surgery
Kathleen Widner Physician’s office (Landerbrook)
Sherrese Williams Pediatric Hematology & Oncology
Kayla Wolf Medical ICU & AHFICU (Nursing/NP)
Susan Wood Behavioral Pediatrics and Psychology – W.O. Walker Bldg
Gulgun Yalcinkaya Neonatology
Geri Zaremba Emergency Department (PEDS) Nursing only
Lindsay Zombek Speech Rehabilitation (Westlake)

If you are a University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center employee and are interested in becoming an Observation Coordinator for your area please complete the new LMS training course titled “Observation Training GM-38 Online”. Once completed and approved your name and email address will be added to the list above for Observers to contact.

During this time of transition The Volunteer Services Department will provide support and paperwork as the departments now coordinate these experiences.

Helpful Links

* Compliance training site
* Observation Application
* Watch OR Video
* Download OR Quiz

All observers are required to complete compliance training. Turn in confirmation page with completed observation application to the Observation Coordinator. For questions, call 216-844-1504.

CEM Training
CPI Training
ED Training
Vocera Training

Please note the Compliance Training Site link can only be viewed using an Internet Explorer browser.

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