Stroke Care

A brain attack occurs when a vessel that carries blood to the brain bursts or is blocked by a clot. When that happens, part of the brain is deprived of the oxygen it needs to function properly. Without fast treatment, permanent neurological damage occurs.

One program at UH Bedford Medical Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals optimizes the speed with which we identify someone having a stroke. We're then better prepared to proceed with a CAT scan and, if appropriate, clot-busting medication to clear the blood vessel.

The UH Neurological Institute gives 24-hour access to a stroke interventionalist, within minutes, it can be determine whether an emergency stroke patient should be transferred to University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center for invasive treatment.

Many patients who come to the hospital with mild to moderate strokes will be able to experience comprehensive care in their own neighborhood, near their families, at UH Bedford Medical Center. In addition, when a patient arrives with an acute brain attack, a neurologist will be available for consultation around the clock.

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