UH Neurological Institute

The Neurological Institute at UH Bedford Medical Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals serves Cleveland’s southeast side, providing innovative, integrated and individualized care to patients with diseases affecting the nervous system.

The UH Neurological Institute has expanded the scope of its neurological capabilities to UH Bedford Medical Center —specifically in the areas of general neurology conditions and disorders, headache including migraine, stroke, chronic pain and epilepsy.

These conditions sometimes evade precise diagnosis and treatment, but UH Bedford Medical Center now brings a new level of sophistication to nearby communities. Leading experts in neurology, neurosurgery and other specialties collaborate to devise customized care plans using the latest clinical advances and technologies.

UH Bedford Medical Center features a number of neuromuscular diagnostic tools, including: Electromyogram (EMG): Measures electrical activity of muscles at rest and during contraction to determine neuromuscular disease Electroencephalogram (EEG): Measures the electrical activity of the brain to diagnose seizures or epilepsy.

Conditions Diagnosed and Treated:

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