Myofascial Release

The Fitness Center at UH Avon Health Center Offers Myofascial Release to Relieve Stress and Improve Overall Health

As a medically integrated fitness center, the Fitness Center has access to the latest therapies proven to improve overall health. One such technique being used at the Fitness Center is myofascial release. This method relieves stress throughout the body by targeting specific muscles with specialized stretches.

Understanding Myofascial Release

Daily activities, including something as simple as sitting at a desk all day, can cause muscles and overlying fascia, or thin tissue that covers the muscles, to become tense, often without any symptoms. Over time, the tense muscle positioning can create health problems throughout the body.

Myofascial release is a special stretching technique utilized by trained professionals to treat a variety of common soft tissue problems caused by overuse or chronic tension. By applying sustained pressure, a myofascial release practitioner can release the fascia, causing it to relax and relive pain. Unlike in massage, there is no motion used during myofascial release. Through this method, practitioners create better alignment and posture throughout the body. By releasing the muscles that affect the posture centers of the body, patients may feel taller, and experience better posture throughout the day.

Myofascial Release Candidates

The myofascial release stretching technique is effective for people who suffer from:

Because better alignment increases performance results during exercise, myofascial release also has an especially positive effect on athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

What to Expect During a Myofascial Release Session

A myofascial release treatment begins with the client lying on a massage table, fully clothed. The practitioner will begin applying gentle pressure to the muscles in affected areas – usually the hips, shoulders or neck. Through touch, the practitioner will be able to feel which muscles need to be stretched and will apply pressure until the muscle relaxes. Some clients may experience mild discomfort while the muscles release; however, others find myofascial release to be a relaxing form of treatment.

Schedule a Myofascial Release Session at the Fitness Center

Each person’s body reacts differently to myofascial release, so relief can come in as few as three one-hour sessions, or a longer regimen could be recommended. For more information on pricing or to book an appointment, please call 440-988-6801.

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