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Arielle Olicker, M.D. (2015) Dr. Olicker is from Pembroke Pines. Florida and is a graduate of the Rainbow residency program. She worked with Dr. Hibbs for her research project examining respiratory outcomes before and after changes to Synagis administration guidelines. She is joining the faculty at Rainbow.

Chris Stryker, M.D. (2015) Dr. Stryker is from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and was a pediatric resident at Rainbow. His research mentor was Dr. Peter MacFarlane and he studied the role of extracellular matrix in respiratory neural development. He has joined MidAtlantic Neonatology in New Jersey.

Co Ruangkit, M.D. (2015) Dr. Ruangkit is from Bangkok, Thailand and completed his residency at Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey. He worked with Dr. Viswanathan investigating UTI in premature infants. He has returned to Thailand.

Heidi Harmon, M.D. (2014) Dr. Harmon is from Northwest Ohio and graduated from Case Western Reserve University. She completed pediatric residency at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and then worked for the Indian Health Service in Arizona for 3 years. She earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research at Case during her fellowship with the support of the division’s T32 grant. Her research mentor was Gerry Taylor and she studied Transient Neurologic Abnormalities in premies at school-age. She is now at Indiana University as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics.

Brent Reyburn, D.O. (2014) Dr. Reyburn is from Bakersfield, California. He was a pediatric resident at UT Southwestern-Austin. Supported by the division’s T-32 grant, he worked with Dr. Richard Martin and Dr. Peter MacFarlane evaluating airway reactivity in mice exposed to hyperoxia and CPAP. He is a member of the Pediatrix Medical Group of Texas in San Antonio.

Wayne Stillick, M.D. (2014) Dr Stillick is a graduate of the Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma pediatric residency program. He worked as a general pediatrician in Lawton, Oklahoma for 9 years and served as the Chief of Pediatrics at Comanche County Memorial Hospital. He worked with Dr. Peter MacFarlane investigating a rat pup model of intermittent hypoxia. He is working at Mercy Northwest Arkansas and assisting with the transition of a level II NICU into a level III.

A. Rebecca Ballard, M.D. (2013) Dr. Ballard is from Fort Worth, Texas and has returned to Texas as a member of the faculty at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine. She was a pediatric resident at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Jacobi. She worked with Dr. Maureen Hack and Dr. Susan Hatters-Friedman (psychiatrist) examining post-partum depression, anxiety, and attachment in mothers with a baby in the NICU.

Ana Paula Duarte Ribeiro, M.D. (2013) Dr. Ribeiro is from Salvador, Brazil. She attended Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil and completed her pediatric residency at University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital. She returned to Brazil after fellowship. She worked with Dr. Peter MacFarlane examining the relationship between inflammation and apnea.

Elie Abu Jawdeh, M.D. (2013) Dr. Abu Jawdeh was born and educated in Lebanon, graduating from the American University of Beirut. He completed his residency at Rainbow and worked with Dr. Richard Martin and Julianne Di Fiore examining the effect of PRBC transfusion on intermittent hypoxemia episodes in premature neonates. He is a faculty member at the University of Kentucky.

Tommy Raffay, M.D. (2013) Dr. Raffay is a Cleveland-area native and is now a faculty member at Rainbow. He completed both his medical school education and his pediatric residency in Columbus, Ohio. His fellowship research investigated ß-adrenergic tachyphylaxis in BPD in a mouse model.

Kee Thai Yeo, M.D., M. Sc. (2012) Dr. Yeo completed a four-year combined fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Neonatology. He obtained his MSc in International Child Health from University College, London, UK. He was mentored by Dr. Arlene Dent in Pediatric Infectious Disease in his research project.

Allison Payne, M.D., M.S. (2012) Dr. Payne graduated from the pediatric residency program at the University of Rochester. She was supported by a Fellows Research Award in Pediatrics (FRAP) and our NIH T32 training grant and earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Research. Dr. Payne is now a member of our Neonatology faculty at Rainbow.

Triven Bashambu, M.D. (2012) Dr. Bashambu completed his pediatric residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. His fellowship research investigated Apgar scoring in premature infants with Dr. Monika Bhola and was supported by our NIH T32 training grant. He is a Neonatologist at Georgia Reagents University and Georgia Reagents Medical Center.

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