Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship

This Fellowship Program is designed to prepare physicians for an academic career in pediatric infectious diseases including opportunities to explore international health issues.

Approximately 12 months of the three year program are devoted to clinical training. The inpatient clinical experience is exclusively at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, a 220-bed urban children’s hospital. The outpatient experience consists of a wide variety of Infectious Disease Clinics, including TB, HIV, Child Traveler’s Health and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The remaining 24 months are devoted to intensive laboratory or clinical research.  Our program provides a unique opportunity to study infectious diseases in the developing world, including malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.

We collaborate with researchers in the Divisions of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine to offer research investigating the epidemiology, immunology and host-pathogen interactions of parasitic, bacterial and viral infectious diseases in developing countries.  Laboratory research themes of the program also include host defense mechanisms against encapsulated bacteria, including interactions with LPS, the molecular basis of antibody function and host response to vaccination.

Program Information

Number of pediatric hospital beds: 220
Fellows accepted each year: one to two
Training: M.D., Ph.D.
Funding ensured: three years
Citizenship: U.S.A. preferred or permanent resident

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