All inpatients are cared for at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.


Fellows in our program provide care to outpatients in several locations, the main UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital campus and 2 suburban locations approximately 20 minutes east and west of the main campus. The clinic at the main campus is dedicated to providing the fellows with true continuity of their own patient cohort. The sum of these experiences allows our fellows to care for outpatients from diverse backgrounds. All outpatient locations have on site radiology, laboratory services, computers and access to the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center Electronic Health Record and Radiology Viewing systems. Faculty members see outpatients at several additional suburban locations around Cleveland.

Pediatric Endoscopy Suite

Most pediatric gastrointestinal procedures are performed either in the pediatric endoscopy suite or the Pediatric Operating Rooms at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. Occasional procedures are performed at the bedside in the intensive care units. Sedation and anesthesia are managed by pediatric anesthesiologists or critical care specialists. Endoscopes that are suitable for all children ranging from premature infants to adolescents are available. There is a simulation lab available to help fellows become familiar with the techniques of scoping. Several other tests are performed or available in this area including pH probes, Ph Impedance studies, capsule endoscopy, rectal suction biopsies, breath hydrogen tests, anal rectal manometry, antroduodenal manometry and esophageal manometry.

Pediatric Library

The Samuel J. Horwitz, MD Pediatric Learning Center (PLC) is a clinically oriented library focused on Pediatrics and geared to support resident and fellow education as well as assist in continued learning for all UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital faculty and staff.

The facility houses a printed reference collection, a number of computer-equipped work stations, and provides access to printing, scanning, and photocopy equipment.

The center is staffed by a full-time librarian and is open 24/7 with a door key code. Along with printed books and journals, the library subscribes to a number of electronic resources, available from the PLC website, and provides a number of specialized research guides and tools. Library services include reference and mediated literature searching, database training, and interlibrary loan assistance.

Pediatric Learning Center
Tel: 216-844-3265
Fax: 216-844-1724

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