Clinical Research

The Pediatric Urology Center Stands at the Forefront of Clinical Research for Serious Urological Issues in Children

To deliver the most advanced treatments, physicians at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Urology Center remain at the forefront of leading-edge clinical research.

Our goal is to discover the most effective ways of managing urologic conditions in babies and children to optimize their quality of life. Research studies have resulted in advanced treatment protocols for voiding problems and improved management of testicular and ovarian cancer in children.

The Pediatric Urology Center researchers are setting national standards and are well respected researchers and faculty members at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Research findings are regularly presented in international and national medical journals and annual meetings of associations and societies. Recent pediatric urology research studies include:

  • Successful testis-preserving treatment of a 16-month-old patient with a testicular tumor, published in The Journal of Urology
  • Single-site laparoscopy to remove kidneys in pediatric patients, published in the Journal of Endourology
  • A novel approach to ureteral reimplantation using laparoscopic surgical techniques

Clinical Trials May Lead to More Beneficial Therapies for Childhood Urological Disorders and Conditions

Improved treatment options and more beneficial therapies are at the core of research at the Pediatric Urology Center at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. Clinical trials are used to evaluate the effectiveness of innovative strategies for treating a variety of urologic disorders and conditions.

At the Pediatric Urology Center, areas of investigation include:

  • New approaches for ureteroscopy in the management of pediatric urinary tract stones
  • A study of the effectiveness of naturally occurring bacteria (probiotics) in place of low-dose antibiotics to manage urinary tract infections in children
  • A study of the long-term effects of congenital hypospadias and/or undescended testicles related to fertility and sexual function in young adulthood
  • A novel approach to urethral reimplantation using laparoscopic surgical techniques

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