Adoption Health Services

The Adoption Health Service is one of many programs offered by the Department of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics/Psychology at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

Internationally adopted children and their families are cared for by the Adoption Health Service staff in collaboration with primary care providers and pediatricians. Our team also works closely with doctors in more than 30 major pediatric divisions. These specialists from UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital can help diagnose, manage, and treat the many conditions that may be present or arise when your child arrives home with you for the first time.

The Adoption Health Service supports families throughout the adoption process by providing pre-adoptive education and counseling, review of medical information, and post-adoption support and medical services. Our goal is to optimize health outcomes for internationally and domestically adopted children by providing comprehensive, high-quality care with a child-centered approach. The second international adoption clinic to be established in the United States, our Adoption Health Service has assisted in more than 2,500 successful adoptions since 1996.

Our experts—a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, pediatric specialists, nurses, social workers, and therapists—specialize in counseling families regarding the health and cultural issues surrounding adoption. They have authoritative knowledge of adoption procedures in over 30 countries, as well as extensive experience navigating the domestic foster care and child welfare systems.

Our Services

  • Unlimited support from our specialist team throughout the adoption process
  • Individualized pre-adoption reviews conducted by a team of specialists
  • Post-adoption identification and treatment of health conditions that may impact adopted children, such as attachment disorders, fetal alcohol syndrome, developmental delays, malnutrition, and a variety of infectious diseases

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