University Hospitals Clinical Research Center (UHCRC) is committed to providing new research opportunities to investigators and assisting with recruitment challenges.

In alignment with a foundational and strategic initiative to leverage information technology to simplify study participant recruitment and conduct research, UHCRC has partnered with TriNetX, the global health research network that connects healthcare organizations, biopharmaceutical companies, and contract research organizations to optimize clinical research and enable discoveries.

TriNetX provides more effective querying of our electronic medical record allowing us to optimize the data for research activities such as study feasibility and patient recruitment.

Services are available at no cost to UH Principal Investigators and study teams.

Services and Benefits:

  • Attract Clinical Trials
    Enables UHCRC to attract more industry-sponsored clinical trials through network connections and present Principal Investigators with new study opportunities
  • Exploratory Research
    Provide investigators with data and analytics to aid in grant writing and development of a study protocol
  • Study Feasibility
    Mandatory process to help determine if a particular protocol can be implemented at University Hospitals
  • Patient Recruitment
    The TriNetX Export ID process allows us to identify patients who meet a study’s eligibility criteria

TriNetX Feasibility Process

Submit for Feasibility Assessment


TriNetX Export ID Patient Recruitment List

Submit for Export ID Patient Recruitment List

For general questions pertaining to TriNetX, please contact Alexandra Mills at

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