Research Finance Services

The Research Finance Specialist core is dedicated to assuring fiscally sound clinical research budgets and Medicare compliant research-related patient care billing. Working in conjunction with the Grants and Contracts core, and in collaboration with the department, the Research Finance Specialist will develop the patient care budget and billing coverage analysis for a clinical study. The Research Finance Specialist will incorporate budget quotes from ancillary service areas and assure that specialized laboratory requisitions are set-up prior to first patient enrollment. If your study involves the use of an investigational drug, biologic, or device, the Research Finance Specialist will assure appropriate set-up for billing, and in the case of investigational devices, guide the department with necessary Medicare Administrative Contractor paperwork.

Once a trial is open for enrollment, the Research Finance Specialist will segregate research-related claims and charges and reconcile them to the approved coverage analysis to assure appropriate billing of services to insurance, protecting the investigator and organization from compliance risk. Additionally, upon notification from the department, the core will invoice sponsors for patient care services and monitor for receipt of payment.

We provide:

  • Clinical trial budgeting and coverage analysis
  • Clinical trial patient care billing
  • Clinical trial patient care invoicing

For service, the best person to contact is the Research Finance Specialist listed below who is assigned to your department. If you are not sure who your Research Finance representative is, please contact Annette Spadaro, Research Finance Supervisor at 216-983-5635.

Research Finance Representative
Name Phone Number
Haylei Buser 216-283-5135
Lisa Cook 216-983-4984
Shanna Gates 216-983-1014
Angela Isom 216-844-5993
Briana McGinness 216-286-2208
Annette Spadaro 216-983-5635
Gina Stefanko 216-983-3461
Yulondo Williams 216-283-4988

You may also send an email to and a member of the team will respond to you within two business days.

General questions/initial guidance can also be directed to Kathy Hammerhofer, Finance Director, at 216-844-1633 or

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