IRB Process and Schedule

CREC Certification in Human Subjects Protections

The UHCMC IRB requires all staff listed on the study personnel table be CREC Certified prior to beginning research activities.

The CWRU Continuing Research Education Credit (CREC) Program is the mechanism used at University Hospitals to provide documented training, education, and certification in human subject protections.

Initial entry and certification in the CREC Program is earned by successful completion of the initial core training in the protection of human subjects through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program).

Once certified, researchers must maintain valid certification by earning 12 credits every 3 years.

See IRB Policy – CITI Training.

Questions regarding this certification can be directed to

Investigator Training

UH Investigator Training serves as an introduction and detailed overview of the research process here at University Hospitals and highlights the essential information needed to be successful. Completion of this course is required for all investigators and is strongly recommended for all staff conducting research at University Hospitals.

UH Investigator Training can be accessed through the UH GPS Learning Management System.

Research Credentialing

All non-UH personnel that will have access to UH PHI, UH systems, or will be conducting research on UH facilities must be Research Credentialed. See UH Research SOP GA-103: UH Research Credentialing.

Additional credentialing information can be obtained on the UH Research Credentialing webpage.

IRB Process Flow
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