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UH Research Roadmap

Need a guiding hand? The UH Research Roadmap (PDF) will help you successfully navigate the research process in even greater detail directing you to specific regulations, policies, forms, tools, templates, contact points, education and training that you’ll need along the way. Use the Roadmap as a checklist for every study to make sure that all of your bases are covered as you move through the research process.

Clinical Research Checklist

Getting started with Clinical Research Checklist for New Researchers, Residents, Fellows & Students (PDF) is also useful document for new investigators wanting to do research.

Clinical Research Data Requests

UH CRC Research Study Database

The UH CRC Research Study Database was developed to streamline and standardize the processes required to manage a research project at UH and to improve efficiency. Electronic study start up forms to help facilitate a faster process and eliminate redundancy, the ability to post enrolling studies on the website, screening and enrollment metrics, electronic tracking of RBNFs, and more are all available within the database. Download the UH CRC Research Study Database User Guide (PDF).

UH CRC Research Study Database

Clinical Research Community Advisory Board

Do you have a question about how to best engage clinical trial participants? Are you looking for more ways to improve the clinical trial patient experience? Could you benefit from candid feedback about an effective way to disseminate clinical trial results? The Clinical Research Community Advisory Board is a perfect place for feedback from past and prospective clinical trial participants and healthcare consumers.

Submit a question, issue, or project for consideration for an upcoming meeting by sending an e-mail to:

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