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Transforming Health Care For All

Who among us deserves less than the very best healthcare?

University Hospitals believes everyone deserves the best possible care, not just those who can pay the most for it. The ability to deliver quality care to everyone is at the heart of healthcare and University Hospitals is a national leader in improving the quality of care while reducing the cost.

Improving the health of patients we serve by:

Expanding Preventive Care Measures

Implementing Technological Improvements

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Investing in Our Staff

Reducing Costs

Our commitment to provide high quality, high value care to our patients is supported by our efforts in several key areas, including:

Optimizing Systemness

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University Hospitals is a complex health system with more than 150 locations for care. While every UH location is dedicated to providing the highest quality care, the type of service provided and the resulting cost of that care does vary from location to location. In addition, as part of our commitment to offering patients the best care at the lowest cost, we were among the first health systems to offer absolute price transparency with our price estimator tool - giving patients the option of “shopping around” for services and choosing the UH location for non-emergent care that best meets their medical needs and their budget.

Identifying Transformative Opportunities

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University Hospitals is continually working to identify operational and cost efficiencies within our organization to help fund future strategic investments that will reduce costs, improve patient access and enhance the services we offer. With up to 30 percent of healthcare spending estimated to be waste, we have aligned the entire organization around value by making deficiencies visible and designing systems to reduce those defects.

This is a system-wide effort, with all UH caregivers empowered to identify operational inefficiencies and submit them to the leadership team, who then assesses and acts to address the issue and make improvements when appropriate.

Be a National Influencer for Health Care Reform and Improvement

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We believe that public health is one of the greatest things in which a government can invest - ensuring that all populations, regardless of socioeconomic status have access to safe, quality healthcare. Building community-based partnerships that address the social determinants of health is key to our strategy of building trusting relationship with underserved populations.

To better pursue this strategy, University Hospitals maintains a presence in Washington and is continually monitoring the political environment - standing by to support and address political issues that affect healthcare and the populations we serve.

Expanding Preventive Care

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At University Hospitals, we continue to follow through on our strong commitment to be leaders in value by expanding preventive care measures. We understand that finding health problems early when they are most treatable, is the best way to keep patients healthy and out of the hospital. To this end, we are committed to making health screenings affordable and accessible to our patients with programs such as mobile mammograms and COVID testing, low dose CT screenings for lung cancer and calcium scoring tests that predict risk of heart disease.