Unique Same-Day Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Plan from University Hospitals

University Hospitals is the only healthcare organization in the world to offer a prostate cancer biopsy, diagnostic results and plan of care — all in the same day. This exclusive service is just one of the ways UH is leading the country in men’s prostate care and research.

We understand the anxiety men and their families go through when they have to wait weeks or months to answer the all-important questions, “Do I have cancer?” and “What should I do?”

Same-day prostate cancer diagnosis helps reduce that worry. In addition, no matter the results, men leave UH with a plan of action and the full support of the region’s most innovative and experienced multidisciplinary prostate care team.

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To find out if you’re a candidate for same-day prostate cancer diagnosis and care path, call us today at 1-866-844-2273. Our team will schedule appointments, as available.

Peace of Mind Without the Wait: How Same-Day Diagnosis Works

Collaborative, multidisciplinary teamwork and advanced technology make University Hospitals same-day prostate cancer diagnosis services successful. Our focus is on giving men the information they want and answering their questions as efficiently and accurately as possible.

If you’re a good candidate for this service, you’ll arrive at UH in the morning for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examination of the prostate. We are one of only a few places in Northeast Ohio to offer this newer, more advanced biopsy actually conducted inside an MRI machine. The MRI-guided biopsy is a highly accurate test that helps make the same-day diagnosis a reality.

Our team is able to biopsy only the targeted diseased tissue identified by the MRI. With this advanced approach, we only take one to three core samples rather than taking as many as 12 random prostate tissue samples. This means a more efficient procedure and faster diagnosis for you because of our ability to target the diseased tissue based on the MRI technology. After the biopsy, the urologist sends your tissue samples to a pathologist. Within a few hours the pathologist discusses the findings and diagnosis with your care team.

Weighing the diagnosis with factors such as your age, medical history and other health conditions, in addition to the specific type of prostate cancer you have, your team then designs a care path. By the end of the day, you’ll have met with your care team to discuss both diagnosis and prostate cancer treatment options.

Rather than waiting weeks or months for results and a care plan, you can walk out of University Hospitals with certainty, backed by an experienced team who can help manage your prostate health going forward