Transplant Services Coordinates Referrals and Resources for Health Care Professionals

UH Transplant Institute is dedicated to providing the very best tools and resources for physicians so they in turn can provide their patients with the best possible care. These resources include detailed information on when to refer a patient and providing additional transplant learning opportunities for clinicians and new hires looking to learn more about our services.

Advancing Research and Innovation

At UH, we are always exploring opportunities for patients to have a better quality of life by maximizing the lifespan of their heart transplant. We participate in many innovative studies, including those funded by the NIH that look at new treatment options and follow up protocols. Our multidisciplinary team constantly reassesses the patient outcomes and benefits to institute quality enrichment to our transplant care. We offer the opportunity for participation in these studies to any of the qualified patients. Furthermore, selected patients may be candidates for implantable heart pumps known as ventricular assist devices (VADs.) when transplantation is not possible.

Learn more about transplant research and innovation at UH:

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