University Hospitals Transplant Institute Team Ensures a High Rate of Surgical Success

When possible, live donor kidney transplant surgery is performed using advanced minimally invasive techniques. This speeds recovery times for the living donor and recipient and reduces postoperative pain and complications.

Scheduling Surgery at a Convenient Time

While many kidney transplants are dependent on deceased donor organs and take months to years to schedule, surgery for living donor kidney transplant may be scheduled at a convenient time for donor and recipient.

At UH Transplant Institute’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant Program, patients are often admitted one day before surgery for a final evaluation and testing.

Donors may stay in the hospital for two to three days after surgery, while recipient may stay one to two weeks after a kidney transplant. The donation surgery itself usually takes about four hours.

All living donor kidney transplant surgeries are performed at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

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