Sports Rehabilitation Expertise for Every Athlete

At the Center for Rehabilitation Services at University Hospitals, our team of specially trained clinical sports medicine rehabilitation specialists take a comprehensive approach to athletic rehabilitation. We don’t just focus on a specific injury or condition, but on the whole athlete and their individual goals and objectives.

Your personalized plan may include injury rehabilitation, but also injury prevention, nutrition, sports psychology and sports performance techniques. With specialized physical therapists across a range of athletic categories, including dancers or performing artists and a specialized program for golfers, our team has the experience and expertise to not only care for athletic injuries, but help you enhance your athletic performance.

Comprehensive Care for All Skill Levels – From Pee-Wee to Pro

With expert rehabilitative experience at every skill level, University Hospitals has been selected by some of the most elite – including NFL leadership and the Olympic Committee. We bring that same level of dedicated skill to athletes of any age or skill level, including beginners. Through a full evaluation, our team looks at how a specific condition, such as neck pain, affects other musculoskeletal structures to determine the exact cause of your pain. We work together to resolve any other aspects of a particular complex or common sports injury or condition that affect your overall performance. This comprehensive level of care – from diagnosis through recovery – helps get you back to optimal form and function for all athletic activities, including:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cycling
  • Dance
  • Dancing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Martial arts
  • Performance arts
  • Rowing
  • Running
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

Goal Achievement through Dedicated Recovery Planning

Your goals are our goals - getting our patients either back in the game or simply back to playing with grandchildren – through establishing a dedicated and personalized recovery plan. We first talk with patients to establish both physical goals such as increasing range of motion, but we also talk through your personal goals, including limitations such as time or resources. We determine a plan that considers specific patient needs or accommodations.

For our school athletes – from elementary school to Olympic athletes – our team is also able to communicate and coordinate with our certified athletic trainers – right at the local schools – to optimize planning and progress. With our relationships with schools and these skilled athletic trainers, we put a defined communication plan in place that allows timely communication with trainers, coaches, parents and physicians – as athletes progress through our programs so we can monitor and adjust sports rehabilitation and physical therapy, as needed.

Because of our experience over decades of working with a wide range of athletes, we can anticipate issues that may affect recovery. For example, many times post-surgical young women suffer from delayed quad activation after surgery. Because of our extensive experience and specialized rehabilitation knowledge for any orthopedic issue, we are prepared for any consideration – and we adjust our physical therapy programs accordingly. You can be assured that our team takes the right approach for each individual need and monitors your step-by-step progress and personal goals.

This customized approach gives our patients the confidence they need to get better efficiently and effectively. And with a wide range of over 30 outpatient sports rehabilitation center locations across northeast Ohio, our team provides the expert orthopedic and sports medicine rehabilitation you need – with the convenience you want.

Understanding Concussion Injury Significance

In addition to musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation, University Hospitals has a robust program of baseline concussion measurement, called IMPACT testing, so we can better determine the significance of concussions when they occur. If through our specialized concussion therapy, we determine that communication or memory issues may be a factor, we bring in one of our speech and language therapists to participate in a comprehensive plan for recovery. Our entire team of specialists at University Hospitals, including our primary care sports medicine doctors, neuropsychologists and rehabilitation specialists, are ready to help patients of all ages through any level of concussion injury. With specially trained vestibular certified therapists as part of that team, we focus on improving balance and restoring vestibular function that may have been affected through your head injury.