Lung Transplant Specialization at University Hospitals

Only about 70 healthcare facilities across the nation are licensed to perform lung transplants. University Hospitals is one of them.

A lung transplant is only done for critically ill patients. During this specialized surgery, the diseased lung is removed and replaced with a healthy lung from a donor.

To offer lung transplant surgery, University Hospitals meets stringent requirements which include thoracic surgeons that are certified by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, and have completed a formal cardiothoracic surgery residency pathway, 12-month lung transplant fellowship pathway, or a lung transplant program clinical experience pathway.

Our pulmonary surgeons more than meet these requirements; they have over 15 years of experience as lung transplant experts.

Early Lung Transplant Referrals Save Lives

Time is of the essence when it comes to lung transplant procedures. That’s why we encourage early referrals by primary care physicians.

It’s never too soon to make an appointment for evaluation by our highly skilled team. Patients who wait too long may become too sick to survive the extensive surgery, lengthy recovery and rehabilitation process.

Collaborative Approach for Lung Transplant Patients

University Hospitals knows the power of collaboration. That means working alongside primary healthcare providers to explore therapeutic options, evaluating where patients are in the disease continuum and discussing the timing of transplant surgery.

Our partnership with community doctors and other specialists allows us to make the most informed decision possible regarding lung transplantation surgery.

For More Information about Lung Transplant at UH

If you would like more information about lung transplantation services at University Hospitals, or how to refer a patient to UH, contact one of our pulmonary specialists.

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