Grand Rounds

The Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds can all be found on our Vimeo channel and can be accessed through the links below.


August 16th
Topic: Let the Needles Work: The NADA Protocal for Substance Use and Other Disorders
Speaker: Sybil Marsh, MA, MD, FASAM

August 9th
Topic: Evaluating Impaired Physicians
Speaker: Stephen Noffsinger, MD

August 2nd
Topic: Using Translational Neuroscience to Meet Clinical Unmet Needs in Pediatric Mood Disorders
Speaker: Manpreet Singh, MD

July 12th
Topic: The Psychoanalyst's Aversion to Proof; New Ideas for Reinvigration of the Field of Psycho Analysis
Speaker: Austin Ratner, MD

May 31st
Topic: Physician Assisted Suicide: To Be, or Not to Be
Speaker: Adeyemi Marcus, MD


November 9th
Topic: Autism Research: What We Have Learned, Where We Are Now, and Next Steps
Speaker: Thomas W. Frazier, PhD

November 2nd
Miriam Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: Be the Change You Want to See: Application of Quality Improvement Methods in Community Behavioral Health
Speaker: Margie Balfour, MD, PhD

October 26th
Miriam Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: Suicide Prevention: Gatekeeper Training and Care Transitions
Speaker: Jane Timmons-Mitchell, PhD

October 19th
Miriam Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: Never Too Early: Early Childhood Mental Health in Child Psychiatry and Pediatrics
Speaker: Mary Margaret Gleason, MD, FAAP

October 12th
Miriam Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: The Experience of Opening up Therapy Notes Directly to Our Patients
Speaker: Stephen F. O'Neill, BCD, JD

October 5th
Miriam Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: Parenting Begins Before Birth: Maternal Prenatal Mental Health Matters for Women and Their Future Children
Speaker: Catherine Monk, MD

September 28th
Bond Lecture
Topic: The Opiate Epidemic in America
Speaker: Glenn J. Treisman, MD., PhD

September 21st
Mary Ellen Davis Lecture
Topic: The Evolution of the Opioid Epidemic in Cuyahoga County
Speaker: Tom Gilson, MD

September 14th
Topic: Sexual Deviance and the Law
Speaker: Sara West, MD

August 31st
Topic: Update on Reproductive Psychiatry
Speaker: Sarah Nagle-Yang, MD

August 24th
Topic: Anti-Harassment & Discrimination Training 2018
Speakers: Andreana Williams, HR Generalist Sr. and Kelly L. Skonieczny, HR Director University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

August 17th
Topic: Rational Prescribing (and Deprescribing) in the Geriatric Population
Speaker: Heather Carey, PharmD, BCPP

August 10th
Topic: Unraveling the Impact of Mixed States on Suicide Risk in Bipolar Disorder
Speaker: Jess Fiedorowitz, MD, PhD

August 3rd
Topic: Dissociative Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment
Speaker: Peter Barach, PhD Clinical Psychologist Clinical Senior Instructor, Case Western School of Medicine, Location: Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center

July 27th
Robert Frankel Lecture
Topic: Walking the Clinical Tightrope: Treating Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) in the Era of Black Box Warnings
Speaker: Rajesh Tampi, MD, MS, DFAPA Professor of Psychiatry, CWRU, Vice Chairman for Education & Faculty Development Residency Program Director, Chief of Geriatric Psychiatry MetroHealth Medical Center

July 20th
Topic: The Opioid Crisis, Pain and a Clinical Sea Change
Speaker: Charles Luther, MD Assistant Professor, Chair, Southwest General Medical Center, Psychiatry Chief Quality Officer Case Western Reserve University

July 13th
Topic: Sensitivity, Diversity and Inclusion
Speaker: Sana Loue, JD, PhD, MPH, MSSA Professor of Bioethics, Vice Dean, Faculty Development & Diversity Case Western Reserve University

June 29th
Ellen and Irving Rothchild Lecture
Topic: What are you Smoking? The Psychosomatics of Emerging Substance of Abuse
Speaker: Joseph Rasimas, MD, PhD, FAPM

June 22nd
Annual Willard D. Boaz Lecture
Topic: Treating the Developing Versus Developed Brain: Translating Preclinical Mouse and Human Studies
Speaker: Francis Lee, MD, PhD, Weill Cornell Medical College

June 15th
Reeves Warm Lecture
Topic: Translational Research in Down Syndrome: Notes from the Trenches
Speaker: Alberto Costa, MD, PhD

June 8th
Topic: Changing Perceptions of Emotional Harms: From Wrongful Death to Microaggressions
Speaker: Jeffrey Khan, MD

May 25th
Topic: Mind the Gap: Transition of Care in Young Individuals with Chronic Medical Illness
Speaker: Erum Ahmad, MD

May 18th
Topic: Impact of Social Media on Mental Health in Youth: The Good, The Bad, The Undiscovered
Speaker: Neeti Wyckoff, MD

May 11th
Topic: Breaching Confidentiality: Priorities to Protecting Patient Privacy
Speaker: Drew Calhoun, MD

May 4th
Stephen B. Levine Lecture
Topic: Sexual Dysfunctions
Speaker: Stephen B. Levine

April 27th
Morley Family Depression Lecture
Topic: FMRI Biomarkers Defining Neurophysiological Subtypes of Depression
Speaker: Conor Liston, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Psychiatry Weil Cornell Medicine

April 20th
Paul Wellstone Lecture in Mental Health Advocacy
Topic: Ensuring the Survival of Academic Psychiatry in the New Healthcare Era
Speaker: Larry Faulkner, MD President and CEO, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

March 30th
Topic: Exploring Psychiatry's Shaky Philosophical Foundations
Speaker: Awais Aftab, MD

March 23rd
Topic: Child Neglect - Do We Need To Worry
Speaker: Gurjot Singh, MD

March 16th
Phillip J. Resnick Lecture
Topic: Critical Thinking in Diagnostic Assessment
Speaker: Terry Kukor, PhD, ABPP

March 9th
Topic: The Detection of Malingered Psychosis
Speaker: Phillip J. Resnick, MD

February 23rd
Topic: Faux Honor and Glory: Dissecting the Pathological Hero Syndrome
Speaker: Ian Lamoureux, MD

February 16th
Topic: Non-Specific Factors Influencing Clinical Outcomes
Speaker: Jahanzeb Khan, MD

February 9th
Bipolar Disorder Research Lecture
Topic: Management of Bipolar Disorder During Pregnancy and Postpartum
Speaker: Jennifer L. Payne, MD

February 2nd
Topic: Looking for the Icicle in the Haystack: Suicide Prevention in Schools
Speaker: L. Felipe Amunategui, Ph.D.

January 26th
Alan & Karen Krause College Mental Health Lecture
Topic: Motivational Interviewing: Helping College Students Change Behavior
Speaker: Scott Walters, PhD

January 19th
Morley Mather Lecture
Topic: Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities
Speaker: Alik Widge, MD, PhD

January 12th
James Horner Lecture
Topic: Critical Questions to Ask Regarding Telepsychiatry Services for Youth
Speaker: Lloyda B. Williamson, MD, FSAPA

January 5th
Topic: Resolving to be a Better Supervisor
Speakers: Andrew Hunt, MD and Susan Stagno, MD.


December 15th
Sihler Lecture
Topic: The Role of Culture in the Care of Patients and Families
Speaker: James Boehnlein, MD

December 8th
Maryellen Davis Lecture
Topic: Mechanisms of Variable Disease Expression
Speaker: Abidemi Adegbola, MD

November 17th
Topic: Morbidity & Mortality Conference: A 50-Year Old male with Schizophrenia
Speaker: Heather Wobbe, DO. MBA and Edward Kilbane, MD

November 10th
Alhambra Lecture
Topic: Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities: A Canadian Tale
Speaker: Yona Lunsky, PhD, C.Psych

November 3rd
Topic: Integrative Medicine for Mental Health: An Evidence- Based Review
Speaker: Christine Kaiser, MS, Lac,LCH,FABORN

October 20th
Topic: Introduction to Problem and Disordered Gambling
Speaker: Ashley Hartman, MPH, CHES, OCPSA

October 13th
Topic: The Goldwater Effect & Psychiatry
Speaker: Cheryl Wills, MD

October 6th
Miriam B. Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: Comfort Zones, Contraception and Clinical Excellence in Mental Health
Speaker: Lulu Zhao, MD, FACOG

September 29th
Bond Lecture
Topic: The Notorious Past and Bright Future of Psychiatry
Speaker: Jeffrey Lieberman, MD

September 22nd
Topic: New Research on Epilepsy Stigma
Speaker: Martha Sajatovic, MD

September 15th
Topic: When Doctors Become Patients
Speaker: Robert Klitzman, MD

September 8th
Topic: Suicide Prevention as a Standard of Care
Speaker: Michael Hogan, MD

August 25th
Topic: In Vivo Drug Discovery for Neuropsychiatric Disease
Speaker: Andrew Pieper, MD

August 18th
Rocco Motto Lecture
Topic: Identifying Traumatic Stress and Its Sequelae in Children: An Evidence-Based Update
Speaker: Alissa Huth-Bocks, PhD.

August 11th
Topic: Transitional Youth Initiative Update: Research, Clinical, and Training
Speaker: Andrew Hunt, MD

August 4th
Topic: Clinical updates: Clozapine, Opioid Withdrawal, Protocols, Valbenazine for Tardive Dyskinesia
Speaker: Heather Carey, PharmD, BCPP

July 28th
Frankel Geriatric Psychiatry Lecture
Topic: Treatment-Resistant Depression in Older Adults: New Research
Speaker: Eric Lenze, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine

July 21st
L. Douglas Lenkoski Lecture in Community Psychiatry
Topic: Opioid Addiction: Treatment and Research
Speaker: Marc Fishman, MD, Medical Director Maryland Treatment Centers; Assistant Professor Psychiatry at John Hopkins U School of Medicine

July 14th
Topic: Beyond the Statistics: The Complexity and Tragedy of the Opiate Epidemic
Speaker: Ashley Braun-Gabelman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Christine Delos Reyes, MD, Associate Professor and Margaret Kotz, DO, Discussant Professor, University Hospitals/CWRU

July 7th
Topic: Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy in Palliative Care
Speaker: Brian Anderson, MD MSc.

June 30th
Topic: Gender Dysphoria
Speaker: Mariya Borodyanskaya, MD

June 23rd
Topic: Psychiatrist Woes: Lawsuits and Loss of License
Speaker: Adrienne m. Saxton, MD

June 16th
Reeves Warm Lecture
Topic: Taming the Shark Music: - MOM POWER
Speaker: Drs. Sarah Lytle, Jaina Amin & Sarah Nagle-Yang

June 9th
Topic: Ethical Challenges in the Treatment of Adults with Intellectual Disability
Speaker: Thomas Scheidemantel, MD

May 26th
Ellen and Irving Rothchild Lecture
Topic: Comanaged Care for Medical Inpatients: C-L vs. C/L
Speaker: Philip R. Muskin, MD,MA,DLFAPA

May 19
Topic: Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty or the Beast?
Speaker: Mark K. Bahoura, MD

May 12
Topic: Violent Video Games - Physiological and Psychological Impact on Children and Adolescents: Literature Review
Speaker:Sree Lathe Krishna Jadapalle, MD

May 5th
Stephen B. Levine Lecture
Topic: A View of Sexual Dysfunction Drug Development, The Bremelanotide Story
Speaker:Robert Jordan, Vice President, Clinical Operations & Program Management. Palatin Technologies, Inc.

April 28th
Topic: A Bitter Pill: Involuntary Psychiatric Medication
Speaker: David Burrow, MD, Forensic Fellow,Case Western Reserve University

April 21st
Morley Family Depression Lecture
Topic: Longitudinal Aspects of Bipolar Disorder
Speaker: Terrence Ketter, MD

April 7th
M&M Conference (Geropsych)
Topic: Severe Treatment-Resistant Agitation in Traumatic Brain Injury Patient
Speakers: Christine Koniaris, MD, Aaron Vazquez, MD, Xiaoyan Zhang, MD, Muhammad Aftab, MD

March 31st
Boaz Lecture
Topic: Diagnosing and Treating Schizophrenia in Adolescence
Speaker: Adelaide Robb, MD

March 24th
Topic: Religious and Spiritual Struggles
Speaker: Julie Exline, PhD

March 17th
Topic: Indispensable Psychology, Psychiatry (And Forensic Psychiatry)
Speaker: Stephen J. Morse, J.D., PhD

March 10th
Bipolar Disorder Endowed Lectureship
Topic: Overrated
Speaker: Derek Hess, Cleveland-Based Artist

February 24th
Alan & Karen Krause College Mental Health Lecture
Topic: Fostering Resilience: The Science of Living a Thriving Life
Speaker: Delvina Miremadi-Baldino, Ph.D.

February 17
Topic: Legal Consideration in College Mental Health
Speaker: Darlinda Minor, MD

February 3rd
Topic: The Fuzzy Boundaries of Local Heroin Markets & Why They Matter
Speaker: Lee Hoffer, PhD, MPE

January 20th
Topic: Child Murder by Parents: The Physician's Role in the Aftermath of Tragedy
Speaker: Phillip J. Resnick, MD

January 13th
Horner Lecture
Topic: Collaborative & Proactive Solutions: An Empirically Supported Psychosocial Treatment for Behavioral Challenging Youth
Speaker: Ross W. Greene, PhD


December 16th
Maryellen Davis Lecture
Topic: Relationship Based Intervention with Preschool Aged Children with Autism and Their Parents
Speaker: Gerald Mahoney, PhD.

December 9th
Sihler Family Lecture
Topic: Elevating Our Game: Enhancing Psychotherapy Supervision to Promote Expertise
Speaker: Donna M. Sudak, MD

November 11th
Alhambra Lecture
Topic: DSM-5 Criteria for Intellectual Developmental Disorder: Clinical and Forensic (Death Penalty) Implications
Speaker: James Harris, MD

November 4th
Topic: Training Needs of International Medical Graduates in Psychiatry Residency and Influence of Culture
Speaker: Ashutosh Lodhi, MD, MPH

October 28th
Topic: Psychiatry Through The Lens: Film's Portrayal of Mental Illness
Speaker: John Shand, MD

October 21st
Ellen and Irving Rothchild Lecture
Topic: What I Did NOT Learn in Residency: Transplant Psychiatry AKA Integrated Care
Speaker: Cathy Crone, MD

October 14th
Rocco L. Motto Lecture
Topic: The Rosie, The Rat-Catcher, and a Game called "Poor"
Speaker: Lenore C. Terr, MD Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF Medical Center

October 7th
Douglas Danford Bond Lecture
Topic: Ending Homelessness
Speaker: Michael H. Ebert, MD

September 30th
Miriam B. Rosenthal Lecture
Topic: Maternal Psychiatric Illness and Parenting: From Longitudinal Research to Relationship-Focused Intervention
Speaker: Maria Muzik, MD, MS

September 23rd
Topic: Medical Board: Friend or Foe
Speaker: Cheryl Wills, MD

September 16th
Psychiatry Mortality/Morbidity
Topic: Review of Case of Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia-Challenges During an Inpatient Hospitalization
Speaker: Rajeet Shrestha, MD, Alisa Paliya, MD, Christine LaGrotta, MD, Robert Siedler, DO

September 9th
Topic: Towards a Psychiatric Understanding of the Transgender Phenomena
Speaker: Kenneth J. Zucker, PhD., C and Stephen Levine, MD

August 26th
Topic: Neurosis vs Psychosis - Which is it?
Speaker: Dina Soliman, MD

August 19th
Robert Frankel Lecture
Topic: Therapeutic Advances in Geriatric Depression
Speaker: Helen Labretsky, MD, MS

August 12th
Topic: In Search of Schizococcus: Past, Present and Future
Speaker: Awais Aftab, MD

August 5th
Topic: Living with the Aftershocks - Impact of Disaster on Children, a Psychiatric Perspective
Speaker: Priya Shrestha, MD

July 29th
Douglas L. Lenkoski, MD Lecture
Topic: Gun Violence, Mental illness, and the Law: Balancing Risks and Rights for Effective Policy
Speaker: Jeffrey Swanson, PhD

July 22nd
Topic: Climbing the Mountain: Obstacles and Facilitators to Treatment Adherence in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Speaker: Sarah Engle, MD and Erum Ahmad, MD

July 15th
Topic: Opioid Use Disorder: The Female Experience
Speaker: Ashley Braun-Gabelman, PhD

July 8th
Reeves Warm Lecture
Topic: Reducing Anxiety Through Play in Pediatric Populations: Developing Empirical Support
Speaker: Sandra Russ, PhD

July 1st
Psychiatry Mortality/Morbidity Conference
Please note: Because Morbidity and Mortality Conference is a peer-review activity, ONLY those who are employed by University Hospitals, medical students, trainees at UH, or those who have ACTIVE hospital privileges at UH are able to attend.
Topic: Neuropsychiatric Issues in a Patient with Intellectual Disability
Speaker: Edward Kilbane, MD and Jennifer Brandstetter, MD

June 24th
Topic: Fitting In When Standing Out: Transitioning into Adulthood with Autism
Speaker: Mona Ferrer, MD, PGY-4 Resident, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

June 17th
Topic: Five Landmark Cases that Shaped the Practice of Psychiatry"
Speaker: Alexis Beattie, MD, PGY-5 Forensic Fellow University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center

June 10th
Topic: How Coming to Terms with Death is Like Trying to Look at the Sun
Speaker: Stuart Youngner, MD, Professor of Bioethics and Psychiatry Department of Bioethics University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center

May 27th
Topic: Kuhn and Paradigm Shifts in Psychiatry
Speaker: Jacob McBride, DO, PGY-4 Resident University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

May 20th
Morley Family Foundation Lecture on Depression and Post-Depression Recovery
Topic: Addressing the Crisis in the Development of New Treatments for Major Depression
Speaker: Andrew D. Krystal, MD, MS

May 13th
Topic: Mass Murder and Mental Illness: Smoking Gun or Smoke and Mirrors
Speaker: Lubna Grewal, MD

May 6th
Topic: The Intersections of ACES, IPV, Neighborhood and Structural Violence on Physical and Mental Health Outcomes
Speaker: Jacquelyn Campbell, PhD, RN, FAAN

April 29th
Topic: Black and Blue or Black and White? The Battered Woman Syndrome as a Legal Defense
Speaker: Shree Sarathy, MD, PGY-5 Forensic Psychiatry Fellow University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

April 22nd
Willard D. Boaz Memorial Lecture
Topic: Childhood Sexual Abuse: Disclosure, Assessment and Treatment Considerations
Speaker: Brooks Keeshin, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics University of Toledo

April 15th
Topic: Putting on our Oxygen Masks: Promoting Wellness and Preventing Resident Burnout
Speaker: Monica Tone, MD, PGY-4 Psychiatry Resident University Hospital Cleveland Medical Center

April 8th
Morley/Mather Lecture
Topic: Prevalence, Impact, and Treatments of Treatment-Refractory Bipolar 1 Depression:Focus on MR Imaging, Tractography and Deep Brain Stimulation
Presented at Kulas Auditorium, Lakeside Building, 5th floor
Speakers: Keming Gao, MD, Associate Professor University Hospitals/ClevelandMedical Center
Jennifer Sweet, MD, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

April 1st
Topic: What Went Wrong: Child Psychiatry M&M
Speaker: Molly McVoy, MD, Assistant Professor,Child &Adolescent Psychiatry University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

March 25th
Topic: Why You Should Care About the NIMH Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) Initiative
Speaker: Jess Levy, MD

March 18th
Topic: What Does A Behavioral Health Specialist Need to Know about the Twelve Steps
Speaker: Nnennaya Nwokeji, MD

March 11th
Phillip J. Resnick Forensic Psychiatry Lecture
Topic: End of Life Decision-Making: The Role of the Psychiatrist

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