Leading-Edge Treatment for Trigger Finger

The Center for Hand Surgery at University Hospitals specializes in effective trigger finger treatment and surgery.

Trigger finger, a common cause of hand pain, is caused by inflammation and thickening of a sheath around a tendon that moves the finger. This is an abnormal condition in which flexion or extension of a finger may be momentarily obstructed by spasm followed by a snapping into place.

The inflammation is usually the result of wear-and-tear damage and either the tendon swells or the sheath around the tendon shrinks.

Safe and Effective Trigger Finger Treatment

At the Center for Hand Surgery, University Hospitals doctors use an injection of cortisone to improve the inflammation around the tendon If the injection does not work or does not last long enough, an outpatient surgery at UH may fix the trigger finger tendon problem.

Trigger Finger Surgery

A surgeon from the Center for Hand Surgery can open the pulley at the base of the finger so the tendon is able to move freely. This is usually outpatient surgery at UH, and performed under simple local anesthesia.

Side Effects and Recovery

Initially, there may be tenderness and slight discomfort after trigger finger surgery, but normal activities of the hand may be started immediately in most cases.

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