Leading-Edge Peripheral Nerve Surgical Treatments

At University Hospitals Department of Plastic Surgery’s Center for Hand Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio, our team of experts offers specialized surgical treatments for peripheral nerve conditions.

After making an accurate diagnosis, our highly trained surgeons skillfully treat conditions linked to nerve pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Correcting peripheral nerve conditions surgically allows patients to quickly regain the proper function of their hands so they can be active again and return to work.

Convenient Outpatient Peripheral Nerve Surgery

At University Hospitals, peripheral nerve surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia in an outpatient location. Our surgeons provide excellence in surgical care from the initial diagnosis to post operative follow-up.

Internationally Acclaimed Experts

The internationally acclaimed surgeons at the Center for Hand Surgery comprehend both simple and complex nerve problems in both healthy and sick patients. This in depth knowledge enables them to deal with all types of nerve issues, including conditions such as diabetes that involve nerve pain or neuropathy.

Most significantly, the peripheral nerve surgeons at UH are empathetic medical experts who really listen to the patient about his or her nerve-related pain. Our experts have dealt with all types of nerve issues and know the proper questions to ask to make sure the diagnosis and treatment are correct.

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