Chin Surgery

University Hospitals plastic surgeons are experts in cosmetic chin surgery, or genioplasty, and facial implants.

Cosmetic plastic surgery is used to change the shape of a patient’s chin, cheek or jaw. This procedure is typically done to enhance certain facial features or to bring a certain aspect of the face into proportion with the rest of the face. This reshaping procedure may be performed on a single facial feature or as part of a more complete facial contouring procedure.

For the reshaping of the chin, cheek or jaw, the surgeon may reduce the prominence of the specific area by reshaping the bone. If more definition is needed to the chin, cheek or jaw, the surgeon may enhance the appearance by inserting an implant into the specified area.

Performing Mentoplasty for Receding Chin

If cosmetic surgery is performed just on the chin, this procedure is called mentoplasty. Many times this procedure is done to improve what is commonly known as a receding chin. By inserting an implant into the chin area, the jawline is more defined and a person’s profile is enhanced. Also, the addition of an implant to the chin area can lift the neck sag that may have developed with the lack of definition of the chin.

Chin surgery can also be done by our surgeons through an incision inside the lip, advancing the chin by cutting the bone and fixing the bone in the desired position. The patients may have some swelling in the chin area for about a week to 10 days. Regular activities can be resumed soon after that.

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