Skanda's Story

Skanda Moorthy on the fieldWhen Skanda Moorthy, a Hudson High School sophomore, tore his ACL during a state cup soccer game, the UH Sports Medicine team designed a recovery plan to get him back on the field.

“I knew it happened because I heard stories about what it felt like,” said Skanda. “I went for an MRI and found my ACL was torn. I had surgery with Dr. Michael Karns and started the recovery process immediately.”

The day after surgery, he met with UH Physical Therapist Benjamin J. Geletka. “He knew a lot about soccer and was so relatable,” said Skanda. “It was really great knowing the connection he had with both me and Dr. Michael Karns. I was inspired to go to PT every day.”

In addition to physical therapy, Megann Featherstun, UH Sports Certified Clinician Dietitian, helped Skanda understand the role nutrition played in his recovery. “She was a huge help. She helped me learn that what I put into my body will help with my recovery and overall performance,” he said.

“As a mom it was very hard for me,” said Sowmya Moorthy, Skanda’s mother and a UH employee. “Skanda was a varsity team player as a freshman, so not seeing him on the field was difficult. Having Dr. Karns and Ben, who are so kind and good to him, was emotional for my husband and I. They gave us a source of strength and comfort.”

Skanda has since returned to soccer and recently began playing without a brace. “If I did not have this experience I wouldn’t have met Dr. Karns and Ben. God has given me this opportunity and put these people in my life. I hope to lead my high school team this year and plan on pursuing college soccer,” he said.