David’s Story

David Eisele

Playing defensive tackle and offensive lineman, I was really working my body when I was a high school sophomore. I’ll never forget the first time my shoulder popped out. I just took off running and got the tackle. It slid back in, but it kept happening. After an entire off season of PT at my high school, I thought it was going to be fine. Then the first scrimmage of junior year, it happened again.

Dr. Voos told me I had a torn labrum and needed surgery. He told me exactly what to expect and to trust him. My junior year was going to be my year; I didn’t know if I would ever play again, but my teammates and my UH physical therapist Ben got me through it. He said, “If you rush too much you’re gonna make it worse.”

Ben helped me slow down and get through the scary movements.

I returned to play football this year as a senior and even picked up weightlifting competitively again. Now I have my eyes set on the Worlds Championship in November.

Dr. Voos is the best surgeon I could have asked for. His follow up was excellent. And Ben got me out of PT a month early. I owe them both a round of applause.

I would say to anyone facing a potentially sports-ending injury, “It’s a tough road, but keep your head up and work hard. The end game is worth it.”