Brenda's Story

Total Knee Replacement Allows a Local Woman to Return to Doing the Things She Loves

Brenda James began experiencing arthritis pain in her right knee in February 2017. By March, the pain elevated to the point where she needed to see a physician, so she made an appointment with Dan Zanotti, MD, an orthopedic surgeon with University Hospitals Center for Orthopedics.

This was not Brenda’s first experience with Dr. Zanotti. In 2015, he repaired a torn meniscus in the 63-year-old’s right knee, and also performed thumb reconstruction.

“I really like Dr. Zanotti and trust him with my care,” said Brenda. “I live in Berlin Heights, and I drive 35 miles each way to see him, and I’d drive an hour if I had to. He’s just that good.”

Upon examination of Brenda’s knee, Dr. Zanotti suggested trying non-surgical options before discussing the possibility of a total knee replacement.

“Dr. Zanotti encourages his patients to be very involved in the decision-making process about their care,” said Brenda. “He never dictates what’s going to happen. He provides all of the information, and then you make the decision together.”

According to Dr. Zanotti, “Brenda had significant arthritis pain in her knee for several years. She was very active and had tried multiple options, such as a brace and Cortisone and gel injections, in an effort to avoid knee replacement. However she was not able to get back to her desired activity level, and decided to undergo knee replacement.”

Before my knee replacement, I couldn’t kneel, which meant I couldn’t work in my flower beds, Thanks to Dr. Zanotti, I can get back to doing what I love.

- Brenda James

Dr. Zanotti performed the surgery at UH St. John Medical Center in Oct. 2017. Brenda committed to her post-surgical physical rehabilitation and by her eight-week check-up with Dr. Zanotti, she had 120 degree range of motion in her knee.

“Brenda was very motivated in her rehabilitation and worked extremely hard on her recovery,” said Dr. Zanotti. “She has done very well and is now on her way to getting back to her active lifestyle without the pain that had limited her for the past few years.”

That active lifestyle includes getting back to working in her garden – something she wasn’t able to do prior to surgery.

“Before my knee replacement, I couldn’t kneel, which meant I couldn’t work in my flower beds,” said Brenda. “Thanks to Dr. Zanotti, I can get back to doing what I love.”

The Center for Orthopedics has office locations in Sheffield Village, Lorain, Westlake and Oberlin. For an appointment with Dr. Zanotti, please call 440-329-2800.

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