Aaron’s Story

Aaron Manis on the field

16-year-old Aaron Manis wants to play his part in upholding a legacy. His high school football team is coming off a 2018 state championship. So you can imagine the Kenston High School junior’s emotions when, in the first week of summer football camp, while going out for a reception, he felt a sharp pain in his right hip.

Athletic trainer Viviani McKinney, who is his high school trainer through a partnership with University Hospitals, helped him off the field and insured he protected his hip with crutches. What happened next was unexpected.

“We thought we would end up in the emergency room, but because of Viv’s knowledge of UH, she referred us to the UH Orthopedic Injury Clinic which had just opened its doors at Ahuja. We got in to see Benjamin Boswell, DO, UH Sports and Emergency Medicine, that afternoon,” said Lisa Manis, Aaron’s mom. “We were pleasantly surprised to get in immediately to see a top sports medical specialist at UH.”

Such testimonies play out daily now, with the opening of two more Orthopedic Injury Clinics at UH Geauga Medical Center, a campus of UH Regional Hospitals and UH Sheffield Health Center. Patients are getting immediate access to trained orthopedic specialists for broken bones, sprains, torn ligaments and more. Walk-in patients get fast-tracked care with one visit, without multiple appointments or a pricey trip to the ER.

Dr. Boswell diagnosed Aaron with a growth plate stress injury, started him on anti-inflammatories right away and got him in to see a physical therapist that week. He also worked with the school’s trainers for continuum of care.

“It was convenient which was great, but we were most impressed with the level of care, which is more important,” said Aaron’s mom.

“It was a pleasure taking care of Aaron. We try to be available for our patients at all times, and the addition of the Injury Clinic has made our expertise more accessible,” said Dr. Boswell. “I wanted to make a diagnosis for Aaron and begin the treatment process as soon as possible. The quicker we get treatment going, the quicker we get our patients back to their normal routine. In Aaron’s case, it was so we could get him back on the field doing what he loves.”

Eight weeks later, Aaron is once again cleared to play the sport he loves. And hopefully help see his team to another championship.