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Christian's Story

Thirty-one year old Christina B. firmly believes that the care and advice she received from UH physician, Samir Ahuja, MD made it possible for her to be the happy, healthy woman, wife and mother she is today.

Christina had always understood the value of regular medical checkups, but a bad experience at a very early age deterred her from beginning an annual women’s health care routine until the age of 22*. Most would consider 22 an early start for a young woman to begin paying attention to her health, but Christina says, “I wish I would have started earlier. Once I met Dr. Ahuja and experienced his wonderful bedside manner and professionalism, I gained a better understanding of the importance of yearly exams and preventive screenings.” 

Referred to Dr. Ahuja by a friend, Christina has been seeing him for the past nine years and discusses all aspects of her physical and emotional health with him. “He is second to none,” says Christina. “I truly know he cares because of the bed side manner he has at each and every visit. Not only was he with me for my yearly visits but once I became married and wanted to try having children, he was there every step of the way.”

Christina has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a condition that can make it difficult to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term. Dr. Ahuja helped her to better understand her PCOS and offered advice on how to manage the side effects and stay healthy. They also discussed ways in which she could increase her chances of a successful pregnancy when the time came. Because women with PCOS are often at high risk for diabetes, Dr. Ahuja also counseled her on preventive measures to reduce her risk such as weight loss and good nutrition. 

Christina B.While under Dr. Ahuja’s care, Christina got married and soon after, she and her husband decided to start their family. “My husband and I struggled for two years and had multiple miscarriages. Dr. Ahuja was there to hold my hand after each loss. He showed such empathy and always took the time to discuss what had happened. Most of all, he always offered hope,” she says. 

When Christina found out she was pregnant again in the spring of 2018, she was understandably anxious and fearful. Once again, Dr. Ahuja was by her side. “He took the time at every visit to answer my never-ending questions. He even responded to questions I would text him in the middle of the night,” she says. This time, Christina successfully carried her baby to full-term and was admitted for delivery at UH Geauga Medical Center on November 10, 2018.

“Like most women, I wanted to have a natural birth,” says Christina. “But when my baby’s heart rate began dropping after 32 hours of labor, Dr. Ahuja explained that I needed to have a C-section and told me exactly what to expect. He was there for me and my husband every step of the way and checked on me throughout my stay at the hospital.”

Christina delivered a healthy baby boy and recalls that her C-section experience was wonderful and that she felt blessed by the care she received from the nurses. “They not only cared for me and my new baby, but my husband as well,” she says.

Christina continued to see Dr. Ahuja after the birth of her son for postpartum care and plans to get back into her routine of seeing him for annual check-ups and preventive health screenings. “We discuss everything,” she says. “Women's health issues, mental health, weight management and birth control options. He is a doctor that provides you with all your options and educates you about possible risks so that you can choose what’s best for your own health and well-being. And, if we decide to have more children in the future, I know that Dr. Ahuja will be there for me.”

For now, Christina’s main health goal is to lose weight through healthier food choices and increased exercise. “Dr. Ahuja also referred me to a medical weight loss specialist within UH if I decide I need that extra support in the future,” she says. 

Christina, her husband, Nathan and baby Rowan live in Saybrook, Ohio.

For more information about women’s health or to make an appointment with a UH women’s health specialist, call 1-855-400-1216.

*The women’s health experts at University Hospitals recommend that women begin annual physical exams and age-appropriate screenings at age 18, or earlier if sexually active.

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