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Artificial Insemination for Single Women

The physicians and staff at University Hospitals Fertility Center recognize that there are many different types of families, including those made up of a single woman and her children. For women without male partners who feel that the time has come to consider becoming a parent, UH Fertility Center wants to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Fertility Solutions for Women

Some women will seek to achieve a pregnancy by using sperm from a friend or acquaintance and will do insemination at home. This approach raises concerns about health risks, such as infectious diseases, which can be transmitted from sperm used for insemination, even if the woman is not sexually intimate with the provider of the sperm.

Our approach involves careful screening to evaluate each woman’s overall health and fertility. We only use semen samples that have been thoroughly screened and quarantined to minimize the risk of infectious disease. We can also help our patients consider the legal, financial and social aspects of single parenthood by choice.

Insemination Process

We keep semen samples frozen on site and intrauterine insemination is timed to optimize a woman’s chances of conceiving. We will sometimes recommend additional treatment with fertility medications if needed during the insemination cycles to help with egg development. Our nursing staff and physicians are available seven days a week for treatment.

Women considering becoming single parents by donor insemination can schedule an appointment for an in-depth discussion to help get all of their questions answered. We work at the pace each woman is comfortable with, and we look forward to helping our patients realize their goal of becoming parents.