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Same Sex Pregnancy and Surrogacy Resources

At University Hospitals Fertility Center, we provide the same quality medical care to all of our patients in the most friendly, inclusive way possible. For couples who feel that the time has come to consider becoming parents together, we want to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Treatment Options for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Couples

A successful pregnancy for a female couple can be achieved a number of ways, from the relatively simple process of insemination using donor sperm to reciprocal in-vitro fertilization (IVF), where it is possible for one partner to provide the eggs and the other partner to carry the pregnancy and give birth. Some male couples build their family by using an egg donor to obtain healthy eggs and a gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy. The UH Fertility Center offers all aspects of assisted reproductive technologies to fit the needs of same-sex and transgender couples who have decided to pursue the joy of parenthood.

Surrogacy and Egg Donor Program at UH Fertility Center

The Director of the UH IVF Program, James Goldfarb, MD, performed the first surrogate pregnancy in the world in Cleveland, Ohio. UH Fertility Center has decades of experience and success with gestational surrogacy, both for heterosexual couples and gay couples. Eggs can be obtained from anonymous or known donors. We work with outside donor egg banks and ensure that all donors are screened in our clinic as well so that couples can obtain the donor who works best for them.

Same-sex couples who are considering becoming parents can schedule an appointment at the UH Fertility Center for an in-depth discussion to help get all of their questions answered. We work at whatever pace a couple is comfortable with, and we look forward to helping them build their family.