Abnormal Mammogram Results and Breast Biopsies

University Hospitals Guides Patients Through the Stages of Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

When patients have breast abnormalities on a screening mammogram and require a biopsy, our highly qualified radiology nurse navigators at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center help patients understand the results and guide them through the next diagnostic steps.

Breast Abnormalities and Imaging Tests

Often, breast abnormalities from a digital mammogram need further imaging tests, such as a breast ultrasound or additional mammogram views. When a breast abnormality is confirmed with additional tests, doctors may do a biopsy using ultrasound or stereotactic guidance.

Radiology Nurse Navigator Offers a Point of Contact

When a breast biopsy is recommended, our specialists at University Hospitals give the patient and referring physician a point of contact with our radiology nurse navigators, who will guide the patient through this process. These navigators have extensive background and expertise and help patients understand the results of the breast cancer screening. They also guide patients through the important diagnostic steps that determine whether breast cancer is present.

Preparing for the Image-Guided Biopsy

The UH radiology nurse navigator prepares patients for their image-guided biopsies. Our compassionate experts help reduce a patient’s fear and confusion by explaining the details of the biopsy and providing important emotional support throughout the process.

UH radiologists perform the minimally invasive breast biopsies after patients consult with one of our board-certified breast surgeons. The important diagnostic steps will be scheduled very quickly to keep the patient’s fear and uncertainty at a minimum.

Oncology Nurse Navigator Guides Through the Stages of Cancer Care

If the patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, the oncology nurse navigator comes on board as a knowledgeable liaison between patients and physicians. In some situations, it is useful for the patient to meet with a breast surgeon for a preliminary surgical plan and then meet with a medical oncologist on the same day. Our trained nurse navigators are highly skilled in preparing the patient’s journey so the necessary breast cancer treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

This trained nurse navigator guides the patient through each stage of her cancer care, providing patients with:

  • A contact person to facilitate questions, concerns or issues
  • Breast cancer education
  • Emotional support
  • Referral facilitation
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