Liz's Story

Liz was afraid to do much of anything for fear of having a seizure

Since the age of 12, Liz experienced seizures on a daily basis from a cavernous hemangioma that completely disrupted her life. She was afraid to take a bath for fear of drowning. She couldn’t drive or go shopping without an escort. She didn’t trust herself to be alone with a child and was taking up to 21 pills a day.

In 2000 she finally agreed it was time to remove the scar tissue building on her brain. Her confidence in her University Hospitals doctors helped her make the difficult decision to surgically treat her epilepsy.

Today she is driving, takes long walks alone and is relishing a career she never thought she’d have – teaching Hebrew at Temple Israel Ner Tamid in Mayfield Heights.

“Before my surgery, it was like looking at a pool of water and being afraid to even go wading or put your foot in. Now I jump in wholeheartedly,” Liz said. “This surgery and my doctor gave me a 180-degree turn in my life. It’s easier to make lemonade out of lemons when you’re seizure free.”

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