Daryl’s Story

Daryl Lawson was pulling out of his driveway to head to a friend’s house when his vision went haywire

The 36-year-old said he could hear cars driving past him, but he couldn’t see them. He pulled over and called his wife. When she found him, he had trouble walking, was slurring his speech and felt tingling down his left side. His wife drove him to the local emergency room, where doctors thought he might have an aneurysm. He was transferred to University Hospitals, where an MRI showed he’d actually had a stroke due to an irregularity in an artery.

Daryl spent four days in the hospital and was released on aspirin therapy. Over a few weeks his vision returned to normal and he was released to return to work and his normal activities with no side effects from the stroke. Daryl said everyone from the emergency room doctors to the Comprehensive Stroke Center team that greeted him and eventually diagnosed his stroke took a real interest in finding the best care for him.

“The doctors just really seemed like they were interested in what was wrong with me,” Daryl said. “If I went into the hospital again, there’s no doubt in my mind that is where I would go.”

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