Brain Tumor & Neuro-Oncology Center Team Helps Patients Triumph Over Cancer

A brain tumor diagnosis can be a scary, life-changing event for patients and their loved ones. But with the advanced technology and life-saving treatment options offered by the Brain Tumor & Neuro-Oncology Center, it can ultimately lead to a triumphant victory over cancer. Read some of the amazing stories of patients who received the devastating diagnosis, but were able to defeat the disease through their own determination and strength, and the expertise and compassionate care of the University Hospitals team.

Read about these patients’ inspiring journeys:

Amy's Story

Woman Receives Treatment to Improve Hearing Loss Caused by Tumors Hearing loss at any age can be devastating. But it can be especially devastating in a young adult when it can impact your ability to do your job. In 2002, Amy Haslage, a...

Bill's Story

Bill's Story

One morning, TV anchor and reporter Bill Castrovince opened his mouth but could not speak. UH doctors found a glioblastoma wrapped around his brain's speech center. After surgery and treatment, Bill's motor function and speech has slowly but...

Chas' Story

Physicians Work Together to Spare Retired Police Sergeant from Blindness Chas Lane thought he needed glasses, but his deteriorating vision was a sign of something much more serious. The retired Cleveland police sergeant, who noticed loss of his...

Ellen's Story

Ellen's Story

Subtle Symptoms Point to Benign Brain Tumor Her tongue tingled and her hearing was muffled, like a radio station with a fuzzy signal. And that was only on her right side. Her left eye was itchy, inflamed and continually irritated. Those seemingly...

Kari's Story

Doctors told Kari Crawford that her brain tumor was in-operable. That it was too difficult. That it just wasn’t possible. That’s when she turned to Dr. Andrew Sloan and University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Leslie's Story

Man Receives Vaccine Made from His Own Cells to Prevent Return of Brain Tumor In late 2008, Leslie Robertson knew that something wasn’t right. He suffered from severe headaches, was unsteady on his feet and often became confused while performing...