Get to Know Joe

Joe Emery at UH’s Cutler Center for Men

Cutler Center for Men offers a visionary approach to men’s health and wellness, plus a personal concierge experience

To the one in six men in Northeast Ohio who do not have a primary care physician, the pivotal quarterback who ideally directs your health care team, Joe can help you be your best self.

Maybe you haven’t found the time for that colonoscopy, prostate screening or coronary calcium score. Maybe you’re just too busy to figure out where to start. Studies show that women are far more likely to manage the health care decisions in their families. We know what you’re thinking, guys – you’ve got this, right?

A 2020 survey of men in the Cleveland area found that the vast majority crave comprehensive, community-based care with a strong emphasis on well-being. They want peer support and a focus on mental health. Yet more than six in 10 admitted they only go to a doctor when they’re very ill.

Sound familiar?

UH’s Cutler Center for Men will get you plugged in. They want to make health care more approachable and provide a wing man to provide easy access to experts, special offerings and resources to help you navigate the health care system, whether you need a primary care physician for starters, assistance finding specialists or other programs or help setting up all those appointments.

Guys, meet Joe.

Joe Emery has a decade of experience at UH, working most recently with UH Connect. He has the insight to think like a clinical provider yet remains firmly outside the box to anticipate questions like a patient. He can plug you in to a wide network of providers focused on the health care needs of men, from ordering sleep studies and cardiac work-ups to managing sports injuries and sexual health.

“We are excited to develop a new healthcare experience,” said Lee Ponsky, MD, Executive Director of the UH Cutler Center for Men and Chairman of the UH Urology Institute. A Distinguished Physician at UH Cleveland Medical Center, Dr. Ponsky is exemplary in his clinical expertise and personalized care. “What’s exciting about the Cutler Center is it’s a way to add value to men’s lives. We hope to provide guidance on their lifestyle too, helping them to be better dads or partners and saving money for retirement.

“Everyone knows about Flo,” Dr. Ponsky added, referring to Progressive Insurance’s quirky but famous face of customer service. “We’ve got Joe, who will meet men where they are at no matter what they need. The bottom line: men of all ages should live a healthier life.”

Joe recalled a recent patient who needed a PCP. A routine PSA prostate cancer screening found an elevated level indicative of prostate cancer. The patient needed treatment and other testing, but he was comforted by an affirmative answer when he asked: “Will Joe just take care of that for me?”

Joe follows up with patients to ensure they’re pleased with their providers and follows through on their next appointments. He advocates and reassures. Even the women in these men’s lives are impressed.

“I couldn’t get my husband into the office, but I think the follow-up and commitment to personalize his visit is the key to their success with him,” said the wife of one patient. Added another: “You are at the forefront of important initiatives! I know I wasn’t alone in thinking that this is the level of care all should receive!”

Watch the video to learn more. The Cutler Center for Men will initially be virtual soon, and there will be a flagship location at UH Ahuja Medical Center Phase 2 expansion in 2023.

Go ahead, guys, call Joe at 216-285-4JOE (4563).